WhatsApp now allows you to share document files !

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Hello Friends. Some one recently asked us, how can we share doc/pdf/xls files in WhatsApp ? Well, even WhatsApp might have received the same question from many users. And hence they made this long awaited feature as a new addition in the latest update. Now, we can share all kinds of document files.

All you have to do is download the latest update from below.


Download for Android Smartphones.

Download for iPhones

What’s New in this WhatsApp?

Currently, this is a server side update which is rolling out to android and iOS devices. Slowly, everyone will get the update and hopefully to the Windows phone users too. And also, already updated users say they are able to share only PDF files for now. May be the update is still in testing stage. So, it obviously will take a little more time to get the complete update!

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Once you have updated to the latest versions from your app stores or above links, on android, you will now see a document icon when you click on attachment option. When you click on it, the app opens locally stored documents from which you can select and share with individuals/groups.

Similarly on iOS, when you click on upload option, you will find a share document option through which you can do the same. So people, lets get that app updated ASAP !

Guys, this is how you can share your documents with your friends and family members in WhatsApp. It is very simple. Isn’t it. There are lot many good features present in Whatsapp. We hope everyone of you have updated it. If not please update your Whatsapp account by just clicking the above given link.

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