TAP Strap – A wearable device that changes any surface into a Keyboard

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The multinational leading companies would be in race evermore, to set forth their brand-new products into the digital market. Eventually more and more devices are being introduced into this Digital world with incredible technology, mesmerizing all the tech enthusiasts.

Impressively, for the time being technology is taking the world to the next level. You might be thinking what all this bragging of tech is about. Well, its all about the TAP Strap– A wearable keyboard that lets you type anywhere and anytime conveniently.

TAP Strap
Source: Google Images

We normally use Qwerty keyboards for typing in laptop, desktop, Smartphones or any other devices. But have you ever imagined that typing is possible even without using the keyboard or with single hand alone.

Well we guess, you might be paused for a moment how this sort of typing is possible, Ah! Just imagine if you are in a situation where you have got an important message in your inbox and demands you to reply, but you could not take out your phone and respond.

Extremely what should you do? It’s quite simple. Just place your hand on any surface (it might be any of your body part also) and keep on touching the surface with your fingers like the way you usually type in qwerty keyboards.

Soon after the message would be typed in your phone as you would keep on touching the surface, and the message would be sent next to it. Feeling really magical and sensational? And we call this sensation as TAP Strap.

How TAP Strap works:

TAP Strap is ingenious in its design and crafted with Ultra-modern Sensing System. It is conveniently made to insert your fingers into it with ease and you could wear it on either hands. And more over all the current smartphones have Connectivity options like Bluetooth.

Accordingly TAP Strap starts working when synchorized with your smartphones via Bluetooth network.

So now you can make an instant keyboard easily in 3 steps. Just wear TAP Strap onto your fingers as displayed in the figure. Place your hand on any surface where you feel comfortable to type and then touch the surface playing your fingers like typing.

TAP Strap
Source:Google Images

Your keyboard is ready now. Tap Strap simply turns any surface you touch into a keyboard when you wear it onto your fingers. For example, you can type messages by touching your bike handle, car steering, the table in front of you, the bed on which you are lying, pillow near to you, chair on which you are sitting, wall beside you etc., when you are geared up with TAP Strap.

“TAP has the potential to become the communication mode of the future, providing fast, accurate interfacing in situations where no physical keyboard exists. TAP is more discreet and accurate than voice input, faster and more precise than gesture-based systems,” said David Schick, the innovator of TAP.


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Typing Entity:

TAP Strap has the typing proficiency as it is devised with unique typing scheme that lets users to type and chat error-free with their beloved ones. This high-style TAP programmed with specialized typing system would consistently tracks out how your figers would touch the surface and types the correspondent letter in your mobile.

TAP Strap has a program that assigns 5 vowels in English Alphabet to each of your five fingers. It implies your five fingers are assigned with 5 vowels  respectively.

So the users could quickly type these vowels by simply touching the surface only once with the relevant finger. And you ought to use 2 or three fingers at a stretch in the case of remaining letters (consonants), numbers and other symbols (special characters and punctuations). Typing in smartphone becomes more comfortable when you use this kinda typing pattern more.

Watch the timely use of TAP Strap:

The company is introducing Tap Genius App, eminently designed for users to practice this sort of typing. You could enjoy using this app, as you would fee like playing a mind-game rather than typing while learning/practicing this latest typing technique. TAP Strap is a perfect choice for typing in smart watches and other small devices for it’s a bit tough to type in devices with smaller display.

TAP Strap merely takes three hours to get charged completely and grants ultimate device usability for 4 hours and 72 hours on stand-by. This accessory is currently in beta phase and the shipping would conventionally start by the end of this year with a price tag of $119 (Rs.8000). It comes handy in small, medium and large versions coloured in Black.

Advantages of using TAP Strap:

  • Users could effectively type faster with more accuracy by simply tapping on any surface, once they are habituated to TAP Typing system.
  • Grants much flexibility to the users while typing, than regular qwerty keyboards.
  • Time, Place, and Position doesn’t matter for typing, when you have TAP Strap.
  • You can type, chat whenever and wherever with TAP Strap wearable keyboard as it turns the nearest smooth surface into a digital keyboard.
  • It is mostly choosable for people with eye-sight and blindness as they find typing much easier through TAP Strap.
  • Doesn’t affect your health. Safety from cancer. One can stay healthier than normal keyboard users.
TAP Strap
Source:Google Images

Why TAP Strap, why not Qwerty keyboards:

Well! You may think, why to go for TAP Strap when we already have a real or qwerty keyboard. Yes? We can’t continuously type or chat for more than 15 minutes in a smartphone. Our hands as well as fingers get heat due to emission of radiation that is not preferable to health.

When you are free, your fingers will have more tendency to open whatsApp, facebook and other social networking Websites or apps to type/chat. Thereupon you will spend hours in chatting. You will feel uncomfortable as your fingers intake more and more heat while chatting.

We would like to stress more regarding the usage of smartphones in this point. There is a tremendous increase in mobile phone usage over the past 2 years in every corner and nuke of the world. Health has been affecting much for mobile phone users as it emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves ranging about (450-2100 MHz) highly harmful to health.

Many scientific studies have shown that cancer increases because of the heavy use of mobiles.TAP Strap is more advisable at such events where you don’t have to touch your mobile display for chatting. It’s just tapping any surface with this innovative product. Hence radiation won’t affect your health. It brings new era to the world helping you to get rid of eventual harm.

“TAP brings an entirely new dimension to how we can interface with the digital world. Tap’s fundamental technology is applicable not only to language, but also to music, gaming and control. It is a new modality that opens up a world of creative possibilites. We are partnering with creative developers and select OEMS to help us unlock its full potential. Our goal is to create an ecosystem in which our partners utilize TAP to deliver new and exciting experiences for our users,” said Ran Poliakine, co-founder of TAP company.

Be Smarter and Healthier with TAP Strap.


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