TAP Strap

TAP Strap – A wearable device that changes any surface into a Keyboard

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The multinational leading companies would be in race evermore, to set forth their brand-new products into the digital market. Eventually more and more devices are being introduced into this Digital world with incredible technology, mesmerizing all the tech enthusiasts. Impressively, for the time being technology is taking the world to the next level. You might be thinking what all this bragging […]

Hyperdrive 3.1 USB Type C

Hyperdrive 3.1 USB-C Hub: A Five-in-one port

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Hyperdrive 3.1 USB Type- C: Technology is at its full pace in taking the world to the next phase with its unmatchable brand new innovations in e-devices. Thanks to technology for making our lives more convenient through its enormous applications. We are so attached to smartphones and other e-devices and would hardly have a day with none of them. We make smartphones, […]