Sunny Leone can make you do anything !!!

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While the world couldn’t yet digest how a porn star became a bollywood actress in no time, Sunny Leone is now making them feel just more sick. No matter the controversies, you can find her everywhere – posters, pictures and now in a social-cause short films.

This recent short film ‘11 Minutes‘ in which Sunny Leone acted is going viral on the internet. Vibhu Puri, director of Hawaizaada, directed this short which is a sarcastic message to all the smokers. Watch it yourself below before we spill the beans.

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Sunny Leone in 11 Minutes Short Film:

This 5 minutes short film depicts the 11 minutes of life span that every cigarette takes away from you. This is hilarious and thought provoking both at that same time. The brilliance of the director is, there were no cigarettes in the video, which is made against smoking, but only it’s long term effects. And his portrayal of the importance of time(11 min) in life is so trivial.

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Finally, Smoking is injurious to health. Well, we all know it. Yet, this time Sunny Leone is telling us and so we ought to listen to this. #NoSmoking #SmokingKills

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