SONY’s MDR-100ABN Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset

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SONY MDR- 100ABN: Everyone has a deep crush to tune in to Music pleasantly while travelling. Accordingly we latch on to Headset over-ear and play songs. However we can’t listen to the music clearly by cause of noise evolving from outdoor.

Therefrom we would have no excitement to listen songs further. Heretofore SONY Company has lead into a wireless Headset called MDR-100ABN that comes with Digital Noise Cancelling technology with a price tag of Rs.21,990 in the Indian market.

Sony MDR 100ABN


Digital Noise Cancelling Technology further restricts the unwanted sounds and noise from reaching our ears. So, in turn it makes us to hear only music without any disturbance. It is designed so trendy in variant colours magnetizing all the teens. As it is a wireless device, MDR-100ABN is agile to connect with other accessories within few seconds via Bluetooth or NFC Network. It transfers data three times more than the routine bluetooth headsets.

MDR-100ABN Specifications : MDR-100ABN

  • Weight                 :  290 Grams excluding cord.
  • Material                :  Soft-Plastic.
  • Design                   Head-band.
  • Magnet                 :  Neodymium.
  • Driver unit            :  40 mm.
  • Cord length         :  1.2 metres.
  • Volume control    Yes
  • Plug                      :  Gold plated L-shaped mini stereo.
  • Microphone         :  Electret Condenser Microphone.
  • Sensitivity             97 dB/mW (Power off), 103 dB/mW (Power on).
  • Impedance          :  16 ohms (Power off), 32 ohms (Power on).
  • Frequency            :  5-40,000 Hz.
  • Colour            :  Charcoal Black, Bordeaux Pink, Cinnabar Red, Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue.

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MDR-100ABN  Features : 

No Noise, only Music :

MDR-100ABN makes you feel detached from the world with its supreme Digital Noise Cancelling Technology. It aborts outside noise so as to concentrate fully on the music. It is equipped with two microphones placed each at interior and exterior. They are at the helm to block unwanted sound. This technology mainly works with digital noise cancelling engine which you won’t find in any other Headsets.

An uncomparible High-Resolution Audio :

It gives you a soothing musical experience you demand. High-Resolution Audio 3 relishes you with an amazing sound quality and busts music at a faster rate than CD. High-Resolution Audio tenders a truly artistic musical touch to all the music lovers. MDR-100ABN rejoices you by making you listen to each and every string of the Music track with an ultimate clarity.

MDR-100ABN          MDR-100ABN

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AI Noise Cancelling reacts to backdrop :

The utmost wicked Noise Cancelling mode would be chosen by virtue of automated AI Noise Cancelling Technology. This hi tech rooted in MDR-100ABN invariably figures out the redundant sounds from the atmosphere around and resists as per the mode selected.

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Flawless Sound by hyped-up HD drivers :

High-Resolution in sync with 40 mm HD driver units located in MDR-100ABN echoes frequencies ranging about 0-40 kHz conveying fantastic sound.

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Quick connectivity with NFC : MDR-100ABN

MDR-100ABN features Near Field Communication (NFC) which enables it to set-up a wire-less connection. All you ought to do is just Touch your device empowered with NFC to the headset for establishing a fast and uninterrupted connection.Thereafter you can flourish with your Music Medley. If your device lacks NFC, you can connect through Bluetooth and you can have Grand Music Masti !

Packing Casket :

This is the spot where MDR-100ABN is placed and shields them from smacks and scratches whenever the headset is unengaged.

Rhythm Commander :

Authentic delivery of bass is terminated by Beat Response Control technology one of the hotspots of MDR-100ABN. It also prompts a compact and profound
bass kickback apt for Low End bass track.

MDR-100ABNEnables Hands-free calling :

A microphone and HD voice support embedded in MDR-100ABN Handset leads to regimen Hands-free calling.

Listen to the Music for a longer period :

MDR-100ABN makes you elate with its seamless sound for a span of 20 hours with everlasting playback. You can also go on listening to the music continuously if the battery exhausts through the disposed headphone cord/cable in charging mode. MDR-100ABN is available at 27,000 Rs on Amazon, 19,890 Rs on eBay and 21,990 Rs on Sony websites.

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