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Smule App: Music is one of the best things that ever got invented on this planet. Who doesn’t love Music? And who doesn’t sing songs in the bathroom? Well, if you don’t, then you must be from some different planet! Because on this planet definitely people do sing their music, all the time. This idea is what exactly triggered Jeff Smith and Ge Wang to develop Sing! Karaoke by Smule App in 2012. Although, it didn’t become famous over night, recently Smule Sing has gained a lot of attention from singers across the world with over 50 million app downloads.

What is Sing Karaoke by Smule App?

Sing Karaoke is a musical karaoke app which gives only background music to songs you choose. So, you can sing along with the music and add your vocals. Then you can share the song in the app to which other users can like or comment. In other words, Sing Karaoke is a social network musical singing app. And it’s Connecting the World through Music!

Smule App

What can you do with Sing! Karaoke?

  • You can search for karaoke of your favourite songs in Sing!.
  • It will return all the available karaoke variations of that song.
  • Choose any of them and start recording with your vocals.
  • Sing has songs from English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and many other languages and genres.
  • All the latest songs in karaoke in the best audio quality.
  • Join with other singers in the app for duet and group songs
  • Also, you can sing along with celebrity Singers like Mike Posner, Jason Derula etc. under Sing with the Artist tab.
  • You can follow other singers in Smule App.

Using Headphones is highly recommended for best experience in listening and recording

What is a VIP Account?

A VIP account is a premium Smule account that comes at 555 INR per year. With VIP access, you can sing any song, either fully or partly. You can invite other singers to join in your song. If you don’t have VIP access, you can only join in other’s songs but cannot make new ones or invites!

How to use Sing Karaoke to record songs by installing Smule Apk?

  • First, download Smule Apk in your smartphone.

Smule App Download for Android

Smule App Download for iOS

  • Install the app and open it.
  • Initially, like every other app, you have to create a Smule account. It won’t ask for too many things.
  • Once the account is created, you will be taken to Recommended tab in the app where you will find latest songs.

Smule App

  • Swipe left or right to discover more tabs with different genres and options.
  • Choose any song and click on the play symbol to listen to the karaoke of that song.
  • If you like it and you want to sing it, click on Sing button present on top right corner.

Smule App

  • Here, you can either choose Solo to sing alone or Duet to sing some part and invite others (VIP access required)
  • Alternatively, you can click on View Invites to join someone else’s duet.
  • After choosing one of the options, you can record the song. Lyrics will be displayed accordingly.

Smule App

  • If you are done recording, you can listen to what you have recorded (several modes are available).
  • Now, you can either publish it (if you want) or delete it.
  • You can share it on Facebook or WhatsApp to spread your music!

Start Singing!

So guys, for all those wanna-be singers out there, Sing Karaoke Smule App is the best place to start with. Even though the complete options are available in premium VIP accounts only, it still is worth your money. You can practice at any time, anywhere and then listen your recording in different studio modes. With this app, you will get into touch with best singers around you and you can even make friends with them. Start singing in Smule and get noticed for your beautiful voices. Share this post with your friends and tell them now they can stop shouting in the bathroom!


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