“What’s in Research for Me ?” – Karishma Noore

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It’s been a little long here without a post. Busy life, you know. But then one day, a girl from our college called up and asked ‘Can I write on your blog ?‘ We at feast thought to ourselves, that’s just what we are looking for. Someone to help us out with ‘this’ section of our blog.

And we thought it would be a good idea to give readers a chance to share their opinions/suggestions about studies, life, experiences they have faced, reviews about the places/movies they have been/seen lately or anything else.

So, here we are. The first guest post on Feast by our college friend Karishma Noore, MS Student(Dept of E&ECE), IIT Kharagpur, India. She is currently doing research in VLSI Design domain and she would be sharing her experience and suggestions about Research in her own words.

Good day everybody! I am glad to be a part of Sid’s project, and edutain the wonderful readers like you. Being a girl in the research, I feel privileged to give you insights into my world today.

Well…! What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you imagine a researcher? A person in white coat who sits in a lab amid experimental set up, with a test tube in one hand and beaker in the other, can be the conventional portrait. Probably, if its a techie’s brain, imagination can be affiliated towards computers by personifying as a Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory.

We all live in a perception that research is all about isolating ourselves in a Gothic laboratory and emerging with an invention which is more innovative than anything previously known to man. We feel that research is for die – hard academicians who try to seek seclusion through work. Now that I am a girl in the research community at bench, I have fortunately obtained the wisdom to disagree with these statements and prove my choice to be right.

What is Research ?

Research student IIT
Karishma Noore

Do you remember that coder in you who grabbed the results in that last two nights before undergraduate project submission? How about that Manufacturing Process lab slot where you find those lathe machines and welding tools? And how you used to give wordings to your ideas in all those lab reports and thesis documents…!!!

Exactly, that’s what you find here. All you need is ‘ideas’… code, simulate and pen them. You will even get the copyright by working on it. Guys, you will own the ideas too, not mere materialistic things in your life. This is research.

Research is an adventurous journey where we are free to explore anything to any extent. There is nothing boring in the research work unless we ourselves are. It is about upgrading ourselves with the literature of field, trying out how our ideas work in it and making our own impression in the field. As Edison said, each failed project is an idea of how not to do such project. And in research, if properly analyzed, even the theory of failed idea is also accredited.

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As an active member in research community,  I witness stimulating discussions and successful collaborations around me each day. There is nothing called monotonous work here; all I see is exploratory meetings towards progress.Hence, I take this opportunity to re-introduce higher studies and/or research to all the wonderful brains out there.

Since we are students of life, its really wonderful to mount higher by another step from upgrading ourselves with technology to developing one for this world. Give the technology to the aspirants. 

Come… Keep your emotions lively with research. Let your brain and heart integrate in building a prototype from your ideas.  Monetary  factor,  which is ought to be a secondary consideration, should not bother you with recent fellowship hike in October 2014. You will be paid on par with MNCs, and will be provided with all the resources to emerge with a cutting-edge technology.”

Live, laugh and eat,

Hope you enjoyed and learnt from what Karishma had to share. If you want to share your own write ups or stories on our blog, please mail us your article to monkeysnco@gmail.com. We know, everyone has a story to share !

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  1. Very Nice Karishma. I am really excited and boosted up by your experience.
    Thank you very much……………………………………………Karishma

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