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Krishnamma Pushkaralu  – a 12 day river festival – is going to start from 12th August to 23rd August. The events are going to take place on banks of Krishna River, Vijayawada. Being a festival that comes once in 12 years, people from all the corners comes to Vijayawada to witness the celebrations. And get blessings by taking holy bath in River Krishna.

Those 12 days will be a hot topic in all news channels. They will telecast the rush and the problems people facing at the river. Well, when lakhs of people come visit the same place at same time, there will be definite difficulties for governments to handle. And to improvise the currently available facilities to devotees who come for Krishnamma Pushkaralu, the government has launched an official website that provides important info regarding the events, with the help of students from IIIT, Kadapa.

Pushkaralu Info Website 

The websites are designed and maintained by CareTech digital services, whose CEO Srinivas Mendem happens to be the alumni of AP IIIT, RGUKT Kadapa. The sites are available in desktop, tablet and mobile modes to ensure the comfort of accessing info for the devotees at every place. Keeping the huge crowd in mind, CareTech has launched the websites from three different servers as a precaution to withhold the traffic of visitors.

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The devotees can find information on Temples, Ghats, Hotels nearby, ATMs nearby, Hospitals, Buses and Train timings and availability all at one place. Additionally the sites also provide info on entertainment spots like malls, nearby movie theaters. Well they have to spread the crowd, right!

Krishnamma Pushkaralu

About Srinivas Mendem

Speaking of Srinivas Mendem, a CSE student from 6 year integrated course at IIIT, RGUKT. He is a never-give-up guy who had big dreams from day one. When everyone else was worried about completing project works, he worried about start-up innovations. He had great ideas of making the world a better place. But none of them took form because of lack of proper guidance and financial push.

One year ago, he finally succeeded in bringing an Incubation Cell (Ideas Room) in the college to support new ideas. And then to aid them financially if they are good enough. This is the outcome of the problems he once faced in the college when no one was supportive for his ideas and innovations. For your information, Srinivas didn’t choose the typical CSE IT job in campus placements. As they say, some kids never give up.

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He rather stood on his entrepreneurship ideas and finally here he is, at CareTech. The first project itself is an important public info website. Thanks to Srinivas Mendem for making Krishnamma Pushkaralu a lot more resourceful through his websites.

Krishnamma Pushkaralu India

The history of Pushkaralu:

“Once upon a time, there was a pivos Brahmin known as Tundila. He started a penance to please Lord Shiva. Touched by Tundila’s sanctity and dedication, Lord Shiva appeared before him. Tundila praised Lord Shiva in various ways. And asked for a wish – ‘Grant me one of your eight forms’, the water. Lord Shiva granted the wish and vanished. Due to the purity and sanctity of Tundila’s penance, the water gained magical powers which would people’s sins. As he gave ‘Pushti’ i.e ‘magical powers’ to the water, he was known as Pushkara” – sourced from

With the help of these wonderful websites launched by IIIT students, we hope this season the Krishnamma Pushkaralu happens smoothly without any chaos.


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