P V Sindhu Lost like a lioness in Rio Olympics Badminton Finals


P V Sindhu: Once upon a time, an eight year old girl used to travel 56 KM every morning. Because she had to reach the Badminton practice classes in time. She watched Saina Nehwal win Bronze medal at 2012 Olympics in London. And then she pledged herself to take India to Rio Olympics, one day.

And today is that day. After 4 years of that day,  in 2016 Rio Olympics Badminton Singles, she pushed herself into the corner of being the only hope for bringing a medal to India. That’s P V Sindhu for you guys. The girl who never gave up!

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu

Yes, P V Sindhu, the thin and tall Hyderabadi Athlete lost to World No 1 Carolina Marin in the final match of Badminton at Olympics. But you can’t call it a loss because she didn’t stop fighting till the end. She didn’t loose her spirit but just Gold.

She made World No 1 Badminton question herself for a while ‘Can I get through this lioness?’ That was a fist clenching Badminton match to watch between Marin and Sindhu. I mean, how often did a billion Indians stick to their T.Vs for watching a shuttle match ? And the funny thing though, they are watching it for the first time and they want her to get Gold for them.

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But all that credit of pulling these cricket-is-the-only-sport minded Indian audience to watch her crawl up step by step, goes to P V Sindhu.

The match went like this:

P V Sindhu

Sindhu won the first set with 21-19. Though she was constantly 3 points behind Marin, she finally plunged into the game with her brilliant confidence and stunning shots. Marin was devastated at this point and Sindhu was contempt.

The second set was a Marin-dominated one with Marin going from 4-1 to 8-2 and slowly the gap increased up to 9 points with Marin at 21 and Sindhu at 12. Make no mistake, Marin just proved why she is World No 1 and Sindhu was totally frustrated and panicked at this moment.

May be the win in the first set was a little over the edge for her confidence level or may be she lost all the good energy in the first game itself, Sindhu couldn’t make it in 2nd round. This 1-1 tie made the already fist clenching match into a nail-baiting one.

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The third set, Sindhu again repeated the 3 point lag concept and everyone watching the T.V were like ‘She is following the first set psyche’.  Oh, we Indians, never mind. Marin was wonderful in the final round where as Sindhu was loosing her confidence and strength by every passing minute. But, till now, they both had equal chances of winning the Game.

They came up to 15-18 with Sindhu at 15 and Marin at 18. Marin out marveled the game with 2 striking points after that and we all knew by then the end. Marin totally deserved the title.

And for Sindhu, she deserves a billion applause s from the country which never watched any sport apart from cricket on T.V. The two long rallies (continuously playing without letting the cock to fall down) that took place in set1 and set3 are something that proves how hardly both of them are desiring to win. But Marin, with her wonderful timing and placement of shots, she took it home.

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Achievements by Sindhu till now:

  • P V Sindhu became the first ever Indian women’s singles player to win a medal at the 2013 World Championships.
  • Under-10 years category, she won the 5th Servo All India ranking championship in the doubles category. And also the singles title at the Ambuja Cement All India ranking.
  • She also won the under-14 team gold medal at the 51st National School Games in India.
  • Sindhu received India’s fourth highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri at the age of 20.
  • She became the youngest Indian to make a podium finish in the Olympics.
  • And..
  • In 2016 Rio Olympics, she won a billion hearts from India and around the world, along with a small silver medal.

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