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Film: Now You See Me 2
Cast: Jessie Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman etc.
Director: John M Chu
Story: Ed Solomon
Music: Brian Tyler
Released: June 10, 2016
FEAST Rating: 1.5/5 

Now You See Me 2, the sequel to Now You See Me has released this Friday internationally (except UK). And the film just ditched all of fans expectations. Seriously why did they do this film in the first place? Did they actually had a sequel plan or just made a sequel because the first part got recognized?

Yes, when it comes to a movie or magic, the audience wants to be fooled but not at this level. One of the highly awaited and highly disappointing film of the year: Now You See Me 2. Tadaaan. Thanks to Jon M. Chu !

What the movie lacks?

When the first part, Now You See Me released, may be Louis (director) is trying to incorporate certain ‘Prestige’ elements, may be there is too much of CGI, but he did it great. The team had a plan and had a purpose while making the film.

There were some real serious mind-blowing magic tricks which made everybody aww! And the best part, after every magic trick they show how they actually made it. What happened to them now? Where is all that magic? Instead of fooling the audience, they just fooled themselves.

Lesson Learnt: Never Make Sequels Just for the Sake of it.

And this time, they didn’t even bother to explain stuff as probably even they wouldn’t know how it happened! The success of first part is not just magic or CGI, but the purpose, the revelation, the script! Wake up Chu.

Watch the Official Trailer:

Now You See Me 2.  Oh, Should we?

Well if you are still interested to know the plot and the ‘final reveal’ in the film, go ahead. If not, please stop here and don’t waste your time. After the final act in Now You See Me and the fake death of Jack Wilder and the revelation of Mark Ruffalo (Dylan, FBI Officer) as the fifth horsemen, the team goes into hiding awaiting for their next instructions from The Eye.

And within first 15-20 min of film, Dylan’s true identity is revealed, Jack Wilder fake death is revealed the horsemen first act gets hijacked by some others, which made us think this movie might be the next level of Now You See Me.

But all expectations went into water when we realized that only first 15 min is best in the whole movie. The rest of the movie roams in Macau around a kid who badly wants a chip that can control the whole world’s computers aka Daniel Radcliff (Walter Mabry).

Why Arrival is considered the Decade’s best Sci Fi Film?

The horsemen gets the chip but finds that it is fake. They give it to Walter, he says its real (Whaat ??). Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman tries to occupy some space on screen now and then.

And in the end, they made the biggest twist ever in history of cinema, that Thaddeus Bradley(Morgan Freeman) and Lionel Shrike(Dylan’s Father) were partner magicians back in past. And Thaddeus didn’t say anything while Dylan put him in jail, because he gave us an option for that: call it guilt, shame, regret or bullshit! This is purely a made up sequel not a required one. And that’s it guys the movie ends. Tadaan Once again.

Now You Leave Us, Please

If you ask us, the cast has no hand in this crime. They were brilliant and we know they are capable because of their performances in the first part: Now You See Me. The added cast members Lizzy Caplan (Lulu May) and Daniel Radcliff (Walter Mabry) were good enough too.

Don’t know what went wrong in director’s head, the production values prove that they had either no time or no money to make it better, the untimely music in between scenes shows the lack of editing skills, the missing theatricality and surprise elements proves lack of planning and most importantly the script proves that writers are out of ink (not the literal one). And to hell of it, guess they have plans for Now You See Me 3 also. Good God!

Overall Now You See Me 2 is a disappointing sequel. If you happen to be a fan of Now You See Me and have some serious expectations on this one, then you are literally dumped. Remember this: Precaution is better than Cure.

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