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Film: MS Dhoni
Cast: Shushant Singh Rajput, Kiara Advani, Disha Patani, Bhumika
Director: Neeraj Pandey (Story, Screenplay, Dialogues)
Produced by: Arun Pandey, Fox Star Studios
Music: Amaal Malik, Rochak Kohli, Sanjoy Chaudary
DOP: Sudheer Palsane
Released on: 30-SEP-16
FEAST Rating: 3.5/5

MS Dhoni, the untold story – the Indian biopic film on Indian Cricket player Mahendra Singh Dhoni has hit the screens yesterday. The film has gained great attention from all over the nation because this film is about India’s Cricket team captain. Cricket is something that unites the whole country and its just proved once again through the film MS Dhoni.

The 104 Cr budget movie has released worldwide(almost 60 countries) in 4500 screens and got tremendous openings both in India and overseas. The first day opening collections ended at 21.30 Cr becoming the 2nd highest opener in 2016. (Sultan is first).

MS Dhoni is a truly an inspiring piece of tale about the life journey of Indian captain. The journey from a school goal keeper to Ticket Collector to Indian National Cricket team captain and winning World Cup, won’t even let you know that 3 hours have past!

Watch the Official Trailer of MS Dhoni:

**Warning : Spoilers Ahead**

The plot goes like: Mahi is a pump operator’s son who used to look over cricket stadium nearby their house. Mahi’s father cribbed about his studies and his mother used to defend him for sports. Mahi is never interested in cricket in the first place. He used to play football as a goal keeper in school times.

But, because some one else has left school cricket team keeper place, the coach has to ask Mahi to play as wicket keeper for the school team. (So, that’s how the coach asked “Cricket kelaga?” after watching him play football in the trailer. All Trolls can die!). Mahi’s sister is another supporter from the beginning who conveys this message to parents. Finally Mahi plays in school cricket tournaments.

Some years later, a young Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Sushant Singh) appears on screen in district level tournaments. (The visual effects tried hard to make Sushant look thinner and shorter). From there on, Dhoni never stopped hitting hard in cricket. And when it comes to Under 19 selections, Dhoni’s team plays opposite to young Yuvraj’s (the actor was exact look alike) team.

Dhoni didn’t get selected in that match as Yuvraj alone makes a score of 358 playing for 4 days in test match. This is the moment when Dhoni realizes there are others who are doing better than him and they deserve place in team. He then starts working harder and learns his stunning Helicopter shot from his friend Santosh. Even more he works in coal fields and does practice equally.

M.S.Dhoni’s Inspirational attitude:

Finally he gets another chance to play a big match but he will get to know that exactly one day before the match. Dhoni and his friends go to the coal fields big shot and ask him for help, which he smoothly denies. Dhoni’s friends collect their own money and lend a cab and they take the road to reach the Dum Dum airport.

And all this goes into vain when they come to know the flight has left 30 min ago. Dhoni silently goes away from his friends and calmly frustrates. Because he doesn’t want his friends to know that he is disappointed for all the effort they put into bring him here.

The other phase of M S Dhoni’s life starts here. Dhoni’s name goes into every corner just like the balls he hit. Soon, he gets offer to join Indian Railways under sports quota as Ticket Collector. Dhoni’s father finally becomes happy that his son got settled down. Dhoni couldn’t say no to his father, takes up the job. The station head who happens to be  cricket freak, gives Dhoni time to practice after the job hours.

He will be given a small quarters as it was close to ground for practice. Dhoni freaks out at work on his first day running between platforms and collecting tickets from passengers. He comes home after work and soon goes to practice. Hardly he finds time to sit or sleep.

All this practice he finds fruitful when he gets called for India A team selection. There too, he alone will be given just 3 balls to keep and one over to bat. He understands the politics going in behind the selections. The job continues and MS Dhoni starts getting depressed day by day.

One time, he converses with Station head about what he was doing in that place. After some good philosophy from the head, he understands in life sometimes we have to wait for the moment to come. The next day, he leaves the job and goes home to completely focus on practice. His father is as usually disappointed at his decision. But slowly, Dhoni makes into India A Team and then India Cricket Team, proving his father wrong.

What happens after he gets into ODI Cricket :

Now, MS Dhoni is playing for Team India in ODI cricket. The first match, call it stage fear or a bad omen, he goes to pavilion with 0 runs. The next 4 matches in the series he makes all piddly single digit scores. Now comes, Priyanka Jha (Disha Patani) who meets him in the flight and asks him to get Sachin’s autograph. She wishes him luck for the next match and gives her number to be in touch. Dhoni Smashes a first ODI century in that match and he falls in love with Priyanka.

Further MS Dhoni becomes a nation hero with his continuous bashing in the cricket. And silently gets into deep love with Priyanka. Then comes the question of settling down with her, to which Dhoni asks some time. Before Valentines day, she calls him (Dhoni is in Pakistan for Cricket) and indirectly asks his opinion to which Dhoni again gives the same answer. On Valentines day, she meets with a road accident and dies.

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After coming to India, Dhoni comes to know this from his friend Chittu. He asks to stop the car and tell his friends to go home and cries on the road. India looses a series to Bangladesh. Dhoni turns his anger into strength in the first T20 World Cup. The final match with Pakistan, where Pakistan is on the verge of winning looses the match to India with Dhoni’s brilliant guidance. Dhoni becomes star of Cricket.

In a hotel, he meets Sakshi (Kiara Advani) who happens to be interning in Hotel Management Services. Sakshi doesn’t believe he is Dhoni and asks for ID. Dhoni likes her sincerity in job and get along with her. She appears to behave like Priyanka to which Dhoni feels little absurd to continue. They both get along with each other and with media, it becomes a national topic. Sakshi calls him just like Priyanka for his decision and Dhoni says yes to her this time. He marries Sakshi. Dhoni gets completely focused on his game. Now comes the World Cup into the picture.

Watch Real Vs Reel M.S.Dhoni:

M S Dhoni makes some genuine but harsh decisions in Team selections. He says three players are no more fit to be playing in the team (the film doesn’t mention any names at any point of time). The board finally agrees to him as he has proven right in T20 World Cup. Dhoni proves confident in his decision and leads the team into finals of ODI Cricket World Cup. The final match is between Srilanka Vs India in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Srilanka made a target score of 275, which is a tough chase given the pressure of 2nd innings.

Sehwag goes off at 0. Sachin drops at 18. And India almost lost the match when young Virat Kohli departs with India at 114/3 after 22 overs on score board. Back in player’s room, Dhoni makes a bold move to play at number 5 instead of Yuvraj. He announces his decision to the board and convinces Yuvraj somehow and Dhoni sets on the crease.

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Dhoni settles down on the field giving strike to Gautam Gambhir who played a fantastic game. Dhoni silently makes his first 50 in whole series and ‘He didn’t even realize he made it. He’s got a bigger mission to accomplish’. In all this positive vibe, Gautam departs at 97 bringing Yuvraj into picture.

Just to make it more dramatic, Dhoni gets a close call to NOT OUT in a run out. India needs 22 runs to win out 22 balls, Dhoni at 75(73) and Yuvraj at 13(10). Dhoni misses another run out ! Dhoni hits a 4 and Aamir Khans waves the flag. 4 more runs needed out of 11 balls. And when every single Indian must be thinking “Just do singles. Match will ours”, Dhoni finishes off in style with a magnificent SIX. The most unexpected ending in final match just proving once again that Dhoni is The Finisher. The crowd goes haywire. India wins World Cup after 28 years, under Dhoni and with Dhoni.

So, is the movie M S Dhoni as good as World Cup Final?

The movie is typically not about World Cup Final. It starts with Final match and ends with Dhoni’s jhakka six in Final match. The rest of the movie is how a middle class boy from Ranchi ended up in that match. The journey from school goalkeeper to Indian Captain is what makes the 3 hour long film.

And its a utter delight to watch Sushant playing the role of Dhoni. He totally personified Dhoni in his walking, attitude, accent, mannerisms and hairstyles. His career’s best performance wouldn’t allow you to think someone else playing the role of MS Dhoni. Whether you like Dhoni or not, you would like him after seeing film for sure.

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Moreover the two female actresses, Kiara Advani and Disha Patani were perfectly timed in the film. The way they commercialized a biopic film is simply appreciable. The romantic scenes and the lovely songs brings color into singular shade. The friends characters are something you would LOL every time you see them on screen. Dhoni’s funny side is depicted very beautifully. His inner struggle and downfalls were  shown very intelligently. Also each and every scene and every character makes you think “it must have happened in his real life”.

In addition Dhoni must have shared all his experiences down to the level of his personal traumas and how toilets used to be in his railway quarters. There were some minor flaws too in the film like visuals or the 90’s price systems but which are not too much to pay attention for. Also a big round of applause for the mesmerizing background score and the whole crew and cast for making this splendid piece of film.

Final Touch:

All and all that’s a lengthy post to read, we agree. But this kind of a film and performances made us share a lot.  MS Dhoni is himself is a real hero and we want everyone to get his message. Watch and get tonnes of inspiration from that magnificent journey of MS Dhoni.

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