LazyLift | An app for the Lazy people made by a IIITian

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LazyLift is the latest app which you will find as useful as any other app in your smartphone. It is developed by 23 year old alumini(2008 Batch) of IIIT Kadapa, Pruthvi Kumar(aka Termis). Lazy lift simply records your incoming calls when you are away or when you are in unanswerable situations. You only have to pre-set some options to work it the way you want it to.

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Features of LazyLift App for Android:

The app has mainly two important and useful features:

  1. Lazy Lift
  2. Auto

Lazy Lift feature will lift all your incoming calls after crossing a specified time of ring. It will be useful while you are cooking, eating, reading or while singing in the bathroom. Whereas the Auto feature enables to pick up a call that is coming from same number more than specified times in specified time.

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For example, if you set it as it is below, the app lifts and records on third call from same number with 2 min. This will be helpful when you are in some meeting or office or when you had a fight with your girlfriend and she keeps calling constantly and you don’t want to pick it up but want to know what she wants to say. Cool, isn’t it ?


You will have both the count and time limits to alter the way the app works. And there will be different modes available which are predefined to use at workplace or home or outside. The time is defined always in minutes.

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There is a Speaker option which when enabled lifts the call and turn on the speaker mode automatically. But this option is recommended only when you are in private space as it may be disturbing to others in public places or offices.

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Talking about the App maker, Termis, is a very enthusiastic and innovative guy. He always had bending-down-the-sky ideas, when at college. He finally gave a shape to his innovation and we are all very glad that happened. When asked what’s his next plan, he answered he might establish a start-up soon.

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Wishing him luck, Download LazyLift and write the reviews/suggestions in the comments.

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