Kungfu Panda 3 is out and its aweeeesomeee !!!

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Film: Kungfu Panda 3
Directors: Jennifer Yuh NelsonAlessandro Carloni
Music: Hans Zimmer
FEAST Rating: 3/5

Kungfu Panda 3 released this Friday in India and everybody is loving Po already. Released abroad in January and in April in India, the film is playing both in English and Hindi. From the beginning till the end, the film is a total full on fun and awesome. Only this time there is little less Kungfu and more fun it seemed. But thats what Po is famous for. And this part reveals Po’s true origin and true meaning of Dragon Warrior. Hungry for Justice. Always.

Watch the Trailer of Kungfu Panda 3:

Well coming to the story, Po meets his father in the beginning itself and he goes with him to meet his people (The Pandas) and learn some old Kungfu Chi technique from his father. Po gets good along with him until he realizes his father don’t actually know that technique.

And with Kai (the bad guy of the film) at his revenge on all masters and what they have achieved, Po has to stop him. With dumpling eating and rolling over Pandas, how is Po going to defeat Kai is the rest of the story. Kungfu Panda 3 is a colorful, artistic and visual delight to watch on screens.

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The best part is the comedy. Even at the most serious scenes, there will be a crack. And there are some really really touching scenes of Po and his Dads(the real and adapted ones). And some way too awesome dialogues placed timely in the film with great inner meanings. As the previous parts of series, Kungfu Panda 3 also teaches every audience to have faith in oneself. To make look and turn you into YOU. (It doesn’t make sense. Or does it ?)

Kai: Who are you ?

Kungfu Panda 3

Po: That’s what I have been asking Myself for a long time.

Its good to see Master Oogway again with some more peace and beautiful quotes. And its overwhelming to see Master Shifu to bend before Po for asking him to teach the Chi technique. The furious five did their part, well not much screen time and space for them as Po and his father had it all.

And its something to see that scene where Po’s mother leaves him in radish boxes and runs away leaving cute little Po crying. OK no more spoilers.

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Watch Kungfu Panda 3 if you want to ROFL for 2 hrs. Make sure you don’t ROFL in theaters because it would be embarrassing. Please watch in 3D for the best experience.  The film is a sure watch if you are a fun lover.


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