Kshanam, A Must Watch Tollywood Thriller Movie

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Film: Kshanam
Cast: Adavi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Satyam Rajesh, Anasuya
Direction: Ravikanth Perepu
Story & Screenplay: Adavi Sesh
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Released on: 26 Feb ’16
FEAST Rating: 3/5

Kshanam, the February released Tollywood suspense thriller has lately become the sensation in Telugu Film Industry. A small scale, 1 Cr budget movie has been receiving applause from every nuke and corner of TFI. The film slowly gained pace with the power of word-of-mouth.

And if it hasn’t reached you yet, consider yourself unlucky to witness a superb film in recent times. One word to tell you why all that credit for such a small film? Its Genuine.

What’s so special about Kshanam?

Oh boy, the only thing that is changed in this film (compared to stereotype Telugu films) is everything! What a script! What an execution of it! Authentic performances from the cast. Extraordinary performances from the supporting cast.

A twisted and turned script with no complications that can’t reach general audience. Timing, screenplay, editing, music and being honest to the script is one thing we should appreciate about this film because none of them are in regular commercial style.

The plot briefly goes like this: An investment banker NRI (Adavi Sesh) comes to India to meet his ex-girlfriend Swetha (Adah Sharma). Soon, she reveals that her child Ria is being kidnapped and asks for his help in finding her, as no one else is helping her to find Ria. He promises to help her and starts pulling the strings one by one.

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Every time he tries to find a clue, he will be snapped right in the face. Everybody convinces him that Ria doesnt actually exist at all, its all in the head of Swetha. Giving up the hope, he tries to explain the same to Swetha which leads to her suicide.

Right from there, the plot paces up into many twists and turns. The real becomes unreal and unreal becomes real. In the end, with the help of police (Satyam Rajesh), he finds the kidnapper and finds the girl.

Its not so witty, but gripping!

Yes, its a simple plot. Because we haven’t included any spoilers here. But, the original thrill in it enthralls you when you watch it on screen. Right from the beginning, the film starts as simple as it seems, the usual love track between the leads with a song or two in the middle.

Right after 25-30 min, you will see the title ‘Kshanam’ on the screen. There were hardly any songs, because the script doesn’t need bullshit. The only two songs which are there were perfectly timed and in sync with the story. The interval twist is another thing to talk. Just as you believe this is all made up by Swetha in her own mind, she jumps off the terrace and lifts up the truth.

Its like killing one of your strong characters in the middle of the movie. Like, who will be willing to watch the rest half of the film without a female lead? But hell yeah, you will watch it. And you will feel the rest is better than the before. With stitches unfolding, the script bleeds out like anything and just at that time, when you realize “I know whats coming next”, you will be amazed to see the unexpected.

About the Cast n Crew of Kshanam

The climax performances in Kshanam movie take you to such level where you feel everything that happened is right. No character did the mistake from an emotional point of view, but still it is a mistake. Satyam Rajesh action was shocking at times that we couldn’t believe whether he is jovial or serious or both. Varma did a good job as a drug addict.

Anasuya is simply the best as in the role of a cop, even though it’s her debut. Adah Sharma was totally cute both by looks and emotions. She carried up that traumatic motherly love throughout without loosing the glamour.

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And coming to Adavi Sesh, he is the show stopper. I mean, when did he write this stunning script? Its just 10 months ago we saw him in Bahubali The Beginning as a supporting cast in a small role and here he is: story, story, screenplay, Lead actor. Yes, we did mention the story part twice, because its worth it. He has developed his acting skills and showed completely a different side with his writing. Hope we see more such talent from him.

Kshanam proves Hard Work Never Fails.

And we don’t know whose idea was that end credits style is. Its the ultimate. No pompousness, no exaggerating, no making videos. Just plain and simple with some pumping background score. That’s  just what we wanted to see in a Telugu film.

There were some pretty notables mistakes as well. The editing had some breaks here and there. A little dragging suspense in the second half. The unexplained nature of Ria not realizing that she is not with her mother(Or the writer cleverly hid that part). The dragging of final revelation even after 5 minutes of indirect revelation. You would have guessed it already.

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Anyways, no script will be 100% perfect. To err is human. Thanks to the team of Kshanam that it didn’t err too much like rest of the industry.

Ravikanth Perepu should be appreciated for his directorial debut and for pulling out all that action from cast. The cinematography by Shaniel Deo and music by Sricharan Pakala are remarkable.

Only the music could have been more gripping and little unlike the BGM of One. Thanks to PVP Cinemas for producing such an attempt in Tollywood. Everybody likes change. Only it takes time to accept it.


Watch it. Watch it for sure. You will not be disappointed. Adavi Sesh reveals his true potential and talent with Kshanam. It Seems like, Adavi Sesh has the traits of a Christopher Nolan fan. Just check out that poster, you might see what we saw!

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