JAGUAR LAND ROVER Now Has World’s First In-Car Cashless Fuel Payment System

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Hey Guys. We have great NEWS to share with you right now. This would be more exciting to Jaguar Land Rover Car drivers in UK. Guess what? Alright! Let me say. All the Jaguar Land Rover car users can now use Car’s Touchscreen to pay for fuel.

You may think how can anyone pay for fuel by using a car’s touchscreen despite cash! Nothing is magical here. There is an app called SHELL App that lets its users to pay using PayPal or Apple Pay within the car’s touchscreen itself. This is really an awesome feature for those who own Jaguar Land Rover. Isn’t it?

Jaguar XE Shell App

With this In-Car Cash less Payment system, you can save your precious time. Because you don’t have to get down out of your car. Or leave your children in the car while you were in a Que to pay in the shop. Fuelling your car and making payment from your Car’s touchscreen doesn’t even take 2 mins.

Shell App:

This is a mobile application that lets its users to pay for fuel online by PayPal or Apple Pay. In general, SHELL is nothing but an Anglo-Dutch multi national oil & gas company organised in United Kingdom. So here shell is a petrol/Diesel station. Got it!

Jaguar cashless fuel payment

Downloading Shell app would help you go to your nearest Shell fuel service station, select the amount of fuel you need using your Car’s Touchscreen. And finally helps you to pay through PayPal or Apple Pay.

Instead of waiting at the Forecourt shop or swiping your card at the fuel pump, you can use your Car touch screen and pay for fuel within no time if you have the Shell app on your phone.

This SHELL Petrol service station was primarily in UK and then to the rest of the world. And currently this In-Car cashless payment is available only for iOS. Don’t bother if you are an Android user. Android Pay is coming soon or later in 2017

Transaction E – Print:

When you are finished with Fuel Payment using Shell app, you can see an electronic print/receipt displaying on your Car’s touchscreen. So with this E- print confirmation, you can leave the fuel station blissfully. Further customers will also get this electronic receipt to their email address. This is really cool, yes?

E receipt SHELL APP

Jaguar Customer Satisfaction:

Satisfying customers is a good tactic that any firm should do. It’s like “If you make your Customers Happy, they will make you happy in return.” So keeping this in mind, they designed in such a way that they could easily pay for fuel by just using their Car touchscreen.

It is very easy to operate car touch screen. It is just like you regularly operate  on your smartphone. Thanks for the technology and the efforts made by Shell Team.

How It Really Works?

1. Connect Your Smartphone with your Jaguar Land Rover using USB.

connect iphone jaguar land rover

2. Now you can see the apps menu displaying on your car’s touhscreen.

Jaguar Shell app

3. Tap on SHELL Icon and start driving.

4. You can locate nearest Shell Station using GPS technology.

5. Go to the fuel pump and enter your 5- digit security pin.

6. Confirm your pump.

7. Fuel your car and use your car’s touchscreen to pay for fuel.

It’s that simple, fast and secure.

Note: Mobile Payments, only Available at Shell Stations


  • Using Shell app, Jaguar drivers can simply pay for fuel by touching their Car’s touchscreen through Apple Pay or PayPal.
  • It is mostly helpful to you if you are happened to leave your wallet somewhere.
  • The customers need not have to wait so long in Que so as to pay for fuel in Forecourt shop.
  • You don’t have to get down the car or use your card.
  • Jaguar Land Rover may also feature Cashless Payments at Restaurants and Parking in future.


  • This is the first payment system by using a Car’s touchscreen launched by Jaguar in collaboration with SHELL.
  • Cashless app is designed specifically to make Customers’ lives easier.
  • Shell app is recently updated for Jaguar New Models like JAGUAR XE, XF and F – Pace.

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