How to face and win that Interview – Tips n Tricks

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Interview. The one most important criteria to qualify for any job. This is the season of campus interviews. All the reputed and non-reputed companies will prefer the months of March and April for campus selections, as these are ideally the last months of both academic and financial calendars. Getting a job out of campus these days is itself a tough job.

So, its always safe to win the race while you are at college itself. Its not like you can’t win outside, but it would eat time and your confidence eventually. So, what should you do to win in those campus selections in order to climb the ladder?

What courses you should follow? What tips you should remember? Whose guidance you should seek before attending interviews? How to perform at it? What to speak and what not to? Answers to all these humming questions is just one single word that lies below:


Yes. One and only one thing called as Confidence. You don’t have to read any special interview courses, you don’t have to remember any tips or perform any gimmicks to impress the interviewer. All you need is 3 tea spoons of confidence mixed with 1/2 spoon technical knowledge and 1/2 spoon of being genuine. Mix them well and take a gulp before the interview and we are sure you wont loose that one.

So, why are we so confident about confidence in interview?

Basically, every company would conduct a CGPA screening and also an Aptitude Test before you get selected for the interview. Which means, the interviewer already know you are good enough at calculations and analysis part of the job. So what they will look more for in the interview is how are you presenting yourself in front of others?

How good are you at convincing others? How will you manage the work under pressure? And most importantly how good are you in conveying what you think? In other words, communication. When it comes to communication, we don’t have to mention that English is a must-n-should asset for any employee these days.

All these contribute to the level of confidence you carry. The basic rule is, with your confidence you should bring confidence in your interviewer.


Pay Very Close Attention:

Yes, its not an easy thing to hold that confidence when you are asked questions from unknown person sitting in a suit. We agree. But what exactly it takes for a student to cross that line of fear? Its the listening skill.

The very fundamental element needed in any communication is Listening.

Its not only just about speaking confidently, but listening confidently too. If you are not listening attentively to your interviewer but speaking confidently something, it would be as dumb as they are playing classical music and you are doing break dance just to show off your confidence. So, listen to him.

  • What is he asking?
  • What exactly is he asking?
  • Catch his mood.
  • Don’t just smile after every sentence because they told you to do so.
  • Talk as normally as possible, like you talk with your mother or your friend.

Its nothing wrong if you crack a joke, only if his mood allows you to do so. All this will build up your confidence in a natural way. Plant that idea right there in his mind.

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He will ask you the technical stuff. Nothing rocket science. Just your subjects. Be genuine. Answer the ones you know. And be frank when you don’t know the answer for something.

Thinking way too long, hanging on the corners of the room, acting like you are trying for it, are definitely not the traits of a confident person.

Sometimes, you will hear him asking something completely out of box. Do not panic. Its just something you don’t know. Just tell him that. Nothing more to perform. Because he is not looking for an actor/actress.

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In short, to win in a interview, all you have to do is just be yourself. Speaking your mind and soul. But in good English. English is the only savior if you dumb in technical part. Even if you are good at technical stuff, if you are not good at expressing it then there is no point. Isn’t it? So, just

Be Confident.
And goddamn fluent in English.

Oh, people who are poor in English, do not read those awful boring newspapers or watch tabloid news channels. Watch all romantic, crime, horror, thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Realistic and what-ever-left genres of Hollywood movies. Read as much as Novels possible.

Believe me, the only way to get good English in an un-boring way is to do the above. Practice aptitude once in while. Remember to keep your mind free at the time of both the exam and interview. No good if you do everything and sit thinking somewhere at the time of need.

All the best to all those winners. Keep up your confidence.

One little thing left. Try to keep backlogs/remedial as low as possible. Just think of what worse can happen to you? This is just the beginning dude!

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