Give Me Another Chance – A Novel by IIIT Student

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Give Me Another Chance is the latest upcoming Telugu novel written by a IIIT Student, John. It is an emotional tale of 6 years of college life. Every one of us love our college lives and we miss it a lot. Same does John and this book is his expression of gratitude for his college life. He is one of them who hated their college in their first year and at the end wanted to extend their college life by one more year!

About the Author of Give Me Another Chance Novel:

John Hosanna is a B.Tech pass out from IIIT RK Valley, RGUKT. He is born to K. Lakshmaiah and Yasodamma in Vinjamur, Nellore(Dt). He did his schooling in Z.P.High School, Vinjamur. From childhood, he has a sheer talent of enacting stage performances. He performed many characters on stage shows in his town and acquired a name for his talent. Gradually he developed a knack for story-telling. He was never interested in his education like every other engineer. With an average score of 7.5 in Mechanical Engineering, he managed to complete his degree by May, 2015. That is the day, when he decided to write a novel.

Give Me Another Chance

– An Excerpt from the Novel Give Me Another Chance

Every Engineering student is gifted with something other than studies. And writing is for John. After college, unlike every other engineer who is after job, he chose to finish his book. He sat for over 14 months (starting as soon as he left college) on it and finally made it. He vented out his feelings and emotions in Give Me Another Chance. His writing is as simple as a conversation in a hostel room. This simplicity connects you easily to the story. As soon as we came to know that a guy from our college wrote a book about college, we approached John and asked him few questions.

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(200₹ inc. 50₹ shipping charges)

What inspired you to write this book?

  • On the last day of my college, 2000 students cried standing at a place as they don’t want to leave the college life. There is a pain behind every tear and there is a story behind every pain. This story is inspired from those tears.

Who helped and supported you the most?

  • My friends from college: V.Anil , M. Sumanth and YV.Vijay Kumar

Why did you choose writing?

  • The experience I wanted to gift my college people, I can’t show it in a short film or a movie. In a film they can only see whatever I picturize on screen. But a book can make everyone feel as it is their own story. They will start memorizing their time in college. That is why I chose to write.
Give Me Another Chance
John – Author of Give Me Another Chance Novel

Any notable persons in your life who led to this novel?

  • Everyone and Every situation in my RGUKT(college) life.

Will you write more books?

  • May be , I’m not sure

What are your next plans?

  • I want to be movie director .So i would like to start journey to reach my goal.

Who are you dedicating this book?

  • To my RGUKT Seniors(2008 batch) and my friends (2009 batch)

Your message to the readers?

  • I wrote this book to make everyone feel as ‘A book of our college life‘ not as ‘A book by John’. While reading you can memorize who you were back then!

Buy the Novel

(200₹ inc. 50₹ shipping charges)

Give Me Another Chance by John is going to be published (in Telugu) online too. John is doing a self-publications supported by Anupama Printers who accepted to print over 600 copies. Out of which, John decided to take 400 to the college and rest 200 to be available online. The book will be priced at 150₹ each. For more updates on the book, follow the official facebook page. We wish the sales go good for John’s first novel. Please share this article and spread the word.

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