Get your Passport in a week by just giving 4 documents !

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Everyone needs a passport these days, let it be work, studies or travelling. And in India, getting a passport is like farmers waiting for a rainfall. And by the time the rain comes, the crop would be already at stake. To change the current scenario of checks, pre-checks, post checks and police verification’s and all that stuff, the ministry of external affairs has made two major changes in speeding up the granting process for the fresh applicants.

How to Get Passport in a Week?

So, if you are someone who is longing for a passport, all you have to do is  just submit these 4 documents along with your application.

  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of Voter Id Card (EPIC)
  • And copy of Pan Card
  • An affidavit in the form of Annexure-1 (declaration of citizenship, family and no criminal record)

Passport government of India

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And that’s it. The ministry guarantees that if you submit these 4 document copies along with your application at passport seva kendra, you will get your passport with in a week. The police verification is taken care later. But they also mentioned, its better to get your police verification done pro-actively with in a months time. And the good news is since it is already issued to you, you don’t have feed the police pockets for verification. India is changing!

This speeding up the boat is because they realized that technology has taken us to a level of having many safe guard systems to detect the fake and forged identities in real time. Thanks to Aadhaar and PAN databases which provide instant validations of the applicant.

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And make no mistake, even if you got your passport in a week, the granting officer  has every right to revoke or impound your application in case of any validation failures by police or some other. So, you better be not bitching with them in this case. Get all your four documents in proper state and get your passport in a week. Fullstop. Log in below for a fresh application.

Go get your passport Son. You may need it soon!


2 thoughts on “Get your Passport in a week by just giving 4 documents !

  1. My Passport has been rejected due to adverse Report after police verification,
    They said to pay Penality of 5K to apply again or wait 1 year for auto removal from Database,
    So can i get it now? Is the Police Verification Needed after New Rules ?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes, if one year is completed, you can apply again for sure. And the new rules doesn’t eliminate police verification. They just do the verification after you get your passport where as previously they wouldn’t issue passport until police verification is done.

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