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Mathematical Tricks – Do you want to be an expert in Mathematics (maths)? Are you trying hard to speed up your calculation? Want to perform better in Competitive exams? Wanna sharp your brains and become skillful in Maths? Then Math Tricks app is the all-in-one guide that best suits you. This tutorial is all about how you can solve faster and easier through Math magic tricks given in this app.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematicsPaul Halmos

Download Mathematics tricks app for your Android, iPhone and Windows smartphones. Neither you don’t have to refer books nor you need not search in the internet for any math logic tricks. Moreover you don’t have to go for any maths tuition centre to learn the Mental Math calculation and shortcuts.

All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone. Since the app shows all the math magic tricks and explains you clearly how you can solve any sort of problems easily without much burden.

Math Tricks App Download

It is an Application that is specifically designed and developed for people who want to solve problems and math trick questions with speed and accuracy. So you can become super fast in calculating Maths. Besides, this maths logic app is really helpful to those who have deep interest in learning the basics of Mathematics say for eg. Multiplication table, Division, Addition and Substraction. Buddies, addition and subtraction might look lighter, but it takes the major part in time managing strategy. You can save your lot of valuable time if you are fast in such calculations.

Math Tricks app for android, ios, windows mobiles

You can download the app for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones here. This Math logical Tricks application is very useful to the students from School level to Graduation level. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can use this app in your school, college, home and journey. You may use it while you are at work also. It is so easy and funny to use this app.

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Unique Features of Maths Tricks App

  • It is very fun to use this app and it allows two users at a time.
  • It features Multiplication table or list from 1 to 100. You can by heart.
  • You can pretty practice these maths logic tricks for your competitive exams also.
  • The app features many levels of problem sets like simple, medium and Hard.
  • Mathematics tricks questions and Fast calculation tricks for better perfomance.
  • This amazing app is programmed with numerous maths tricks for fast multiplication.
  • You can even view solutions for all maths logic questions if you don’t get answer while practising in the app.

Good Mathematics is not about how many Answers you know…It’s about how you behave when you don’t know

  • 3 modes of answering while writing tests – Multiple choice, Right or Wrong and  Direct statement.
  • Math tricks App is used for calculating Multiplication, Division, exponential function, Squares, Cubes, nth roots like Square Roots and Cube roots.
  • You can solve Hundreds of math trick questions starting from the lowest level To the bitter end, Minute Challenge, Speed Challenge, and No time limit.
  • Besides you can play Training mode for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squaring, Exponentiation, nth root and percentage.
  • You can solve problems and have the Maths tests along with your friend as it allows Two players simultaneously.

Maths Trick Video Download

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Download Maths Trick Application for Android, iOS and Windows mobiles latest version now. Learn all the mathematical tricks programmed in the app and increase your maths calculation speed. Save your precious time, so that you can be successful in all your exams either at the school or college level or in any competitive examinations. Further Sharp your brain, develop your skills, tricks & shortcuts in Mathematics and stun your friends, teachers, workmates by your mental math calculation tricks.

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  1. Hi Chaitanya,

    Cool App. I wish the app was discovered 10 years ago then it would have been easy for us to remember math formulas.

    It will make help students understand maths.

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