Download iNaturalist App Android and wake up the Scientist in you !

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iNaturalist App Android

iNaturalist App Android Download: We all have a scientist inside us. His name is Curiosity. From the day we are born, we question things starting from our day to day life till the Big Bang Theory. But as we grow, we get used to the daily routine like going school, mucking up stuff. We play around with friends and run for grades and distinctions. Go to college, find a job, marry someone and raise babies. In the whole process, the scientist goes into hiding.

inaturalist app android

When is the last time you questioned something? Remember, how you bothered your parents asking “What’s this?”, “What’s that?”, “Why So?”, “Why not So?”. Remember those little adventures with friends chasing butterflies. We did that a lot often when we were kids, because everything was a new experience back then. But, today, we know everything (thanks to Google) at the tip of our fingers. Do we really?

It is a fact that we know too little of our earth and there is a hell lot to explore. A survey once stated that, you would find a new species for every 100 feet in Amazon forest. So, in 2008, Nate Agrin, Jessica Kline, and Ken-ichi Ueda at UC Berkeley’s School of Information built the website as their Master’s final project. With the help of lot of open sources, they expanded the site and brought it closer to general public. Later in 2014, California Academy of Sciences acquired iNaturalist, and now serves as the home for all nature enthusiasts.

inaturalist app android

iNaturalist is a e-community exclusively for those long-gone scientists in us. It is a place where you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world. In our daily life, we might suddenly come across something amazing in nature. Something as simple as a butterfly or roadside flower, which you never saw before. What we do at most is take a selfie with it and post it on social network begging for likes.

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But, what if we can share it with people to whom they really matter? Like, people from biological background, people from real scientific backgrounds and people who love nature the most. That is what exactly iNaturalist is all about. It’s a platform where you can share your new findings, inquire or provide information about them and learn more about our own nature.

inaturalist app android

How to Use iNaturalist App?

Anyone with a mobile phone or a computer can use iNaturalist. Simply download the app from below and start exploring the nature around you. Click something you found astonishing. Publish it and users start to share their knowledge about it. Sharing is Caring.

Download iNaturalist App Android

Download iNaturalist App iOS

The main motto behind iNat is to bring people close to nature. This could be easily the best apps of 2018, which has a reasonable purpose unlike other crap apps. So, guys download iNaturlaist App Android and awaken the fast asleep explorer inside you !


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