Dear Zindagi Movie Review – Please Save yourself

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Film: Dear Zindagi
Cast: Alia Bhatt, SRK, Aditya Roy Kapoor (Guest Role)
Director: Gauri Shinde
Released: 25th Nov’16
FEAST Rating: 1.5/5

Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan, has released this week. The over-the-above expectations on director Gauri Shinde proved once again that “Never predict future based on Past work”. Even the very talented cast and overwhelming performance from Alia Bhatt couldn’t save Dear Zindagi ‘s Life. The film is targeted at mentally-disabled audience. Please save yourself!

DO NOT waste your time and money on Dear Zindagi

Gauri Shinde, who is known for her debut work ‘English-Vinglish’, couldn’t bring up the same charm in Dear Zindagi. The ending 5min Short Film and the guest appearance of Aditya Roy Kapoor are the only saviours in the whole film. And the beautiful title song “Dear Zindagi” is actually when you realize you are actually watching Dear Zindagi film, the one which Gauri directed with SRK and Alia as leads.

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If you look closely, the film is a semi-auto-bio of Gauri Shinde. A female working as a Cinematographer in the Industry. Everyone in the family criticizing her. To add to it, the frustrating relationships. They all tell something about Gauri’s own past. But, you can’t convince the audience that someone can become introvert and almost a psycho, just because her parents left her for sometime at grand parents place. I mean if that is a tough childhood, then think about the childhoods of  chaiwalas, slum people, gays in the trains, prostitutes and millions of orphans on the roads. That’s life dude.

Story of Dear Zindagi

The plot goes like Alia, a young cinematographer is prone to break ups. She couldn’t sleep well because of this. So, she meets a therapist aka SRK. He is a overdosed philosopher who doesn’t talk but only quotes. And that’s it guys. The whole movie is a therapy session both for Alia and for Audience. And in the end, after all those break ups and therapy sessions, Alia once again falls in love, with the therapist himself. Waah, what a storyline!

“Genius is the one who knows when to stop” – Jehangir Khan, Dear Zindagi

We should talk about performances here. As a director, Gauri Shinde failed big time. She didn’t pick a good story. She didn’t do her “Homework” on characters and their emotional connections. As an actress, Alia rocked the role up and down. She lived in the role. At times, her intensity is too much to believe you are in a theater or you are sitting in same room with Alia Bhatt. She has again given her best after Udta Punjab. And SRK, is as usually charming, brilliant and character-oriented. The Music of the film is a plus you can say. But, the film made a joke on itself that even good music bores you at times.

You already know all that shit!

The film basically preaches “Live Your Life with No Strings attached” Seriously? Haven’t the makers seen Wake Up Sid, YJHD, Tamasha, ZNMD, Dil Dhadakne Dho, ADHM etc? It goes like this. If one films makes a hit on some concept, every other director will try to do same thing. Even the same shots, same scenes, repetitive nonsense.  And yet they will say “It’s a new insight into life. A new mile stone in film-making”.

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I mean how many times will they make the same shit again and again. This “Freedom life”, “Break-free”, “Open-minded”, “self-dependent” films are already reaching a saturation point in India. Well, Dear Zindagi would have at least made some sense only if the movie itself knows where it is going. It’s like as if you are watching Koffee with Karan show, with songs instead of commercial breaks and SRK instead of Karan Johar.

In a nutshell, Dear Zindagi is a waste of brilliant performances. A point less movie made so feminine because the maker is a female. Lesson learnt is that never expect grand output based on grand past. And please, don’t play kabaddi with beaches. Because that’s just overdoing of “Living My Life”. Send this caution to all your friends and save them from mental therapy!

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