Dasher App – Best Messaging App For sharing locations, GIFs

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Dasher: Two elements are quite common in every Messaging App. One is texting and the other is sending a multimedia file. They may vary in conveying the message in different methods, but they are all furnished with the same stuff.

So, do you need another messaging app? One with better multimedia sharing platform ever? Then Download Dasher, an ideal social app for both Android and iOS devices. It is your next messaging app developed by Jesse Boyes.


Download Dasher Messenger latest v.2.0.2  for Android

Download Dasher Messenger latest v.2.0.2 for iOS

What makes Dasher unique from WhatsApp, Messenger ?

  1.  Enables several other features beyond text and photos.
  2.  Makes an easy conversation by updated message options like edit/delete, likes, etc.
  3.  Shares live location and GIFs.
  4.  Plays YouTube  videos in the chat stream.
  5.  Finds friends worldwide and suggests near-by friends to meet up.
  6.  Transfers Money.

About Dasher:

There is a famous saying that “Action Speaks louder than voice”. Likewise, GIFs worth a thousand words and high fives. The GIF is a peculiar feature to express yourself, feasible only in Dasher.


Using GIF will be very funny, where you have to type just a word preceded by a hashtag symbol (#). Consequently it will include a GIF to your message with the help of GIF resource Giphy from online.

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We some times regret for the harsh messages we text to our beloved ones. Put an end to such unwanted things by using Dasher, where we can edit and delete messages in real time which gives us more control on texting.

On My Way :

On My Way feature lets us privately share our location with closest pals. This facilitates the app to track our current location and our friends will get to know in which route we are. We can invite our friends through an SMS.


Also we can share URL’s, videos, music and more. This app uses rich links that go live, where your conversation is connected with all your favorites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vine, etc. Using Venmo, we can even transfer money and make payments to anyone – the best feature. And whenever your phone dies off, don’t freak out. We can login through our friend’s device also.


Final  Touch :

Dasher – the best messenger app will make us attain a better messaging experience. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are. Hurry up! Get synchronized with Dasher.


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