10 Cool Summer Tips to Beat the Heat

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All along summer, we spend sleepless nights and dare not to step out of house/office on a Sunny day. The extreme heat makes us sweat and feel uncomfortable for the whole day. And so we won’t like to stick to one place in summer. Rather we love to spend hours in parks and beaches to escape the heat. Here, we recommend few Cool Summer Tips for you to stay Cool in this horrid summer even without an Air Controller.

Cool Summer Tips to Hit the Heat :

1. Drink lots of Water :

You must have read this tip a billion times in your life time now. But, how seriously you took it? Water is like coolant to our body, as it stands in need cooling mechanism to carry out the body functions actively all along the day. The health authorities suggest to drink 8 ounce glasses per day, which is equal to 2 liters or half a gallon. Just as our body gets dehydrated through sweat and urine, we ought to drink 2 liters of water per day to survive the heat and be cool like a Cucumber. We know you are going to ignore this cheapest, 200% effective tip even this time. Well, as the
saying goes, “we can take the horse up till the lake, drinking water or not is its choice.

2. Adopt to Cotton Apparel :

Choose slight and light-coloured cotton synthetics as your costumes so as to endorse ventilation and better air circulation to your body. The reason to prefer cotton in summer season is that it keeps our body dry & cool by absorbing and expelling body’s humidity due to sweat and thereby protects fungal infections too. We do not feel much heat as cotton lets heat to pass through and anti to absorption. Cotton is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. You can also use cotton fabrics to your beds and window curtains if you want your bedroom to be cool.

Cool Summer tips

3. Switch off the lights :

Excessive heat inside the room can also be minimized by turning off the lights. Try adopting to natural source of light as much as possible during daytime. Try keeping your rooms cool even after getting dark by the least usage of lights or not noticeably. This is one of the simple and finest Cool Summer Tips to beat the heat inside the rooms.
(For a change, Try using candles now and then for cool SUMMER Nights & Amazing Candle light Dinners!)

4. Use wet linen :

This is the creative way of keeping your house cool. Attach a muggy sheet to your room windows so that the air streaming in through the wet cloth scales down the room temperature.

5. Take minimal food:

Proper diet control has to be taken in order to minimize the heat in our body. Avoid junk food that gives you heat. Throughout digestion, our body gives off metabolic heat while breaking down the food particles. Consequently the larger the food you eat, the more metabolic heat it creates. So eat as less as possible to make yourself cool in hot weather. You can eat a number of times, but the intake quantity should be minimum. Also avoid foods which are rich in proteins as it boosts our metabolic heat.

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6. Avoid Alcohol and Soft Drinks:

As the day gets hotter & hotter, you might be intended to have a chilled beer, White Russian, Vodka, Wine or any other alcohol beverages. But in fact alcohol makes the body dehydrated. Thereby your body picks up more hotness, making you feel troublesome. So better avoid alcohol in Summer. Moreover try to give up soft drinks as well as they are made out of caffeine, which is not preferable during summer. Rather you could go with fizzy drinks as it contains sugar less in composition. Apart from drinks, we suggest you to drink Coconut or lemon water, which brings down your body’s core temperature instantly.

7. Choose Loose:

You would feel more comfort if you wear a loose and elastic cotton shirts & T – Shirts, shorts & tracks, 3/4 ths and inner wear too. Wearing loose garment favours in the free movement of air to the body. We think that being bare-skinned helps us to reduce heat and makes us cool. But it is not legitimate for the reason that the sweat doesn’t go anywhere. It will get settled on the body on the contrary of being absorbed by the fiber, which is adverse and your skin gets irritated prone to fungal infections.

Cool Summer Tips

8. Apply ice cubes :

You may get rashes once you go out on a hot sunny day. Apply ice cubes to face and usual sweating spots like forehead, neck, shoulders, under arms, rear side of knees, wrists, elbows and ankles so as to get instant cooling and relief from heat. Your skin turns out to be fresh and healthier ever. It is one of the best Cool Summer Tips to get instant cooling.

9. Have an intense shower :

Rock under shower whenever you feel edgy on a crummy sunny day. Flushing under a strong stream of shower makes you feel fresh & clean, and rejuvenates the sparkle in your body as it lowers the body’s core temperature. It is the effortless trivial trick that everyone can play at one’s home to wipe off Mr.Sun’s Attack.

10. Ban charging before bed time :

You know pretty well that all the electronic appliances spits out heat while they are working. And that effect remains even they are put off. Thereupon unplug all your gadgets at night before going to bed and have a sound sleep throughout the night. Also disconnect your devices from charging when not in use during daytime, and minimize the heat in your house.

So, lets all have a cool summer ahead !

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