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Cool Computer Tricks – Hello guys! Welcome to FEAST again. In this tutorial we will show you some of the best useful computer tricks and secrets in brief. Besides they are magical as well. So everyone who uses a PC or laptop must know it. As a matter of fact, computers are invented and developed to simplify our works.

Everything and anything is made EASY in our lives through computer. A special tribute to this fantastic electric brain. The computer tricks which we are guiding here is applicable to Windows computer (PC), laptop, or MacBook.

The tips work for all Windows versions like Windows 7/XP, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. So what are you waiting for, Buddies? Look at the most amazing and interesting PC Tricks and try it on your own PC.

Best Cool Computer Tricks for Computer or MacBook

1. Use Incognito

This trick is very much useful for those who want to make browsing privately in the internet. If you want to keep your browsing history secret, you can try this pc tip on your windows system. It works for all the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

incognito- cool computer tricks

And yeah, this computer magic trick also works for Apple MacBook . Whatever be the browser you are using, it will not save any of the website’s history you browse on it. It will not keep even coockies and search history. Isn’t this a cool computer trick?


  • Windows laptop/pc : Use Ctrl+ Shift+ N
  • MacBook                      : Use Command+ Shift+ N

2. Use Spacebar

This is one among the best cool computer tricks for Windows PC’s and Apple MacBooks. It is much common to use up and down arrow keys when you want to scroll up or down the page while browsing the internet. But do you know that you can also make use of Spacebar to go up or down when you are hooked up with browsing. You might have felt bored of using arrow keys. Isn’t it? Because you have got to hold long the keys or buttons in order to swipe the pages. So try using Spacebar, the modest way of scrolling the pages.


  • Press Space bar to move down
  • Shift+ Spcace bar to move up

Alternate Method in Laptops:

Normally, with one finger on your touch pad, we can move the arrow in all directions. But, if you move any of your two fingers together on the touch pad, you can scroll the screen up and down! This may not be possible in all Laptops or Operating Systems.

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3. Install adblock

Guys, this is a simpl Computer trick that every Tech geek should know. You might have got fed up with displaying of adds while browsing the net. In fact getting adds in the middle of browsing is so much troublesome and much irritiating. We guess, many of you are facing this problem. But from now, you will never face it after knowing this cool PC tip. All you need to do is install AdBlock.

install adblock- computer trick

Go to Browser Settings >> Click Extensions >> Click Get more Extensions >> Type AdBlock >> ADD TO CHROME >> Add extension

4. Do Turn-Off

Sometimes your laptop or desktop might face some issues due to heavy usage. It happens due to several reasons like it may get strucked or paused when the processor meets a problem. This usually occurs when you perform multiple actions or tasks on your computer beyond its RAM and capability. Another cause might be due to Virus and Malwares because of heavy usage of Internet. Well apart from all these things, you can just Turn off or Restart your PC/Laptop to slove such problems.

5. Use Command+ Shift+ T

This shortcut key is most useful whenever you suddenly close a tab while surfing in the internet. Many times there is a probability for closing the tab unexpectedly. So, at such times you can use this simple shortcut to restore or reopen the tab that you have closed. The shortcuts to implement this trick both for Windows pC or laptop and Mac are given below.

Shortcut keys

  • Windows PC  : Use Ctrl+ Shift+ T
  • Mac PC            : Use Command+ Shift+ T

Final words:

These are the 5 simple Cool Computer tricks and secrets but useful to everyone who uses systems or laptops regularly. You may try now itself all the above given computer magic tricks on your own windows desktop/laptop or MAC. We hope you liked the PC tricks. Do comments if any words to say. Also share this with your pals through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.


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