Christopher Nolan becomes the Highest Paid Director with Dunkirk

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Christopher Nolan New Movie, Dunkirk is all set for a worldwide release on July 21 2017. The mind-bending director, who is known for making next-level mystery and thriller films, is working on a war-film this time. The film is based on a real war event that took place in a place called Dunkirk, at the time of World War II (WWII).

Latest news is that Dunkirk film made Christopher Nolan the highest paid director in the Hollywood. With $20M salary and 20% of world-wide gross the film would make, Nolan made a deal with Warner Bros.

This is just another milestone for Nolan. No one has ever made such a deal in film-making since Peter Jackson for the film King Kong.

Talking about the film, Dunkirk is a WWII drama about the evacuation of 3,38,226 soldiers in the time of crisis at Dunkirk, France. The decision is taken when German Army surrounds allied forces of France, in Battle of France.


Watch Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Official Teaser

Dunkirk is written, co-produced and directed by Chris Nolan himself under his own productions ‘Syncopy‘. The film is completely shot on IMAX Cameras (which Nolan fell in love with after TDKR and Interstellar) and 65mm Large Film format. The teaser was released in October, which literally teased Christopher Nolan fans, big time. That alone is a sample of Nolan’s suspense art.


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Dunkirk Cast & Crew:

Nolan always works with the best actors and technical team to give the best films. Some people has proved to be the best to work with, in previous Christopher Nolan Movies – Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception.  Nolan often chooses actors like Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Micheal Caine, musician Hans Zimmer, cinematographer Wally Psfiter and editor Lee Smith for his work.

Christopher Nolan Dunkirk Cast

Dunkirk Cast includes Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance as supporting characters while a new comer Fionn Whitehead is the lead. Jack Lowden, Aneurin BarnardHarry Styles (yes, the One-Direction guy) and Cillian Murphy are also going to do some crucial roles in the film.

Hans Zimmer is the Music Director and Hoyte Van Hoytema is the Cinematogrpaher (who worked for Interstellar) and Lee Smith is the editor. Nolan did the Screenplay himself.

About Christopher Nolan on making of Dunkirk:

Nolan, who hates CGI and 3D cinema, always believes in making realistic cinema. The more grounded the film in real world, the more it gets connected with the audience. His Batman Triology, a superhero film, with almost no CGI Effects has redefined how a superhero movie should be. He likes to shoot the movie in natural lighting (as much as possible). His first film, Following, was totally shot in natural light with budget of $6000.

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But, for a film like Dunkirk, there will be lot of war scenes, aerial shots, huge armies, military crafts, which are difficult to do without CGI. And still Nolan didn’t prefer the CGI way. So, he spent $5 million of the budget on a old aircraft, which was actually used in WWII. Moreover, they attached IMAX cameras to it to shoot the aerial shots and then crashed it (for another scene). Instead of CGI, the team used cardboard cut outs, dummies and real military vehicles to create the illusion of army for war-scenes.

Watch the Making of Christopher Nolan Dunkirk

Final Words

“Every film should have it’s own World, a Logic and a Feel to it that Expands beyond the exact image that the audience is seeing” – Christopher Nolan

So, all Nolan fans, brace yourself to go back in time with him to witness the WWII. Because, this one might just change your interest about war-films. Don’t forget that Nolan is a master of Inception! Share this article with your fellow Nolanites. Also, comment your favourite Christopher Nolan films and tell us why you like them!

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