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Captain America, Civil War – the second sequel of Captain America Series is going to be released on 6th of May, 2016. Being the 13th film of Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Captain America is a start of “Third Phase”. The first phase started with Iron Man(2008) and ended with The Avengers (2012).

The second phase started with Iron Man 3 and ended with Ant Man. And now is the beginning of third phase and oh boy, they came in  a little DC (Detective Comics Inc) style. The first trailer of Captain America came a while ago and it did receive a good review. But the recent one stormed the Marvel fans like anything. Want to know why ?

Watch it for yourself Captain America Trailer 2

Yes, that was Spider Man in the end. The one superhero we all were thinking why was not included in the team of Avengers, until now. They finally did brought him into the “picture”. To be honest, Spidey was the most famous Marvel Superhero and the first to let Marvel bring Superhero flicks on to big screen. And its extremely awesome that they finally brought him back.

But the only disappointment is “Why did they reveal this master piece appearance in a trailer !!!!” They shouldn’t have done it at all. Imagine the hype that would have come in Marvel’s fans once they came to know that “Even Spidey was in the cast”, post the first day of release. Or at least they should have released in the final trailer just before the release. But may be Marvel guys have different plans or more bigger surprises o.O

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Captain America trailer was authentic. Unlike every time, showcasing extreme action scenes with some apocalyptic BGM (Background Music), this time its neat. Little calm and concentrated. The real rages are displayed by Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man). The whole cast looks like more packed this time. Ready to blow the action off the roof!

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The plot this time is more about the internal conflicts splitting the team of Avengers in two – one led by Captain America supporting the idea that Government shouldn’t interfere with Superheroes when it comes to saving humanity and the other one led by Iron Man supporting the opposite idea. Obivio. And as you can see from the trailer, Spidey is on Iron Man side! What a biggg spoiler it is!

Very well,  lets wait for more surprises from Marvel, all set for this May 6th.

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