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Preceding with the upswing of population, necessities have also been increasing day-by-day for every individual in the society. The tremendous change in technology, our culture & tradition, costumes is the underlying signatory to the rise of our essentials/requirements. For instance hotels are the only means of adaptation to get freshen up and attend for any interview, competitive exam, or formal meetings in a new place. And of course 5 Star Hotels are meant for luxury. Therefore you will look for classy 5 Star Hotels around you if you want a hotel with luxury features.

And we are pretty sure that you must have faced a situation to stay in a hotel room for just one or two hours but paid for the whole day (24 hours). Waste of money, Right? And there are many folks like you who hardly need a hotel room for just 2-3 hours. But struggling a bit to pay money for the whole day. Don’t agonize. For your padding, Microstay provides Hourly Hotels in the major cities of India for relaxing & refreshing where you need to pay only for how much time you are gonna stay, it may be 1hr, 2hrs or 3hrs. Furthermore the count of websites granting such hotels through the concept of Microstays have been expanding day by day.

About Microstays Hotels/5 Star Hotels:

Booking Hotel rooms for merely 2hrs,3hrs or half-day as per our wish is termed as Microstay. Clearly speaking, it is staying in a hotel room for a shorter period. This concept had become elegantly prominent in Europe during the year of 2008. Eventually it had spread widely into America and some other western countries. And now it has become sensational primarily in the major cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Hyderabad in India with its overwhelming provisions. With the increase in citizen’s necessities, there is also increase in the number of 5 Star hotels &7 star hotel. Besides 3 star, 2 star hotels have also been increasing to provide such houly basis facility.

And you can book these kinda rooms or 5 Star hotels through Chatur Musafir*, 6 hourlyStay Uncle. There are also few more websites and apps for booking such hourly hotels. Thus it is quite enough if you pay small amount when you book hotel rooms or luxury rooms in 7 star hotel or 5 star hotel conferring to Microstay through these official websites.

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First Thought:

Chatur Musafir is the well reputed website among others in granting such hourly hotels from the beginning of Microstay scheme. And we would let you know how it happened to be. Here it goes. Two years back an Indian add executive Preeti Jain ante with her spouse Manish had to make a journey from Coimbatore to Jodhpur. Extremely they started their trip on a plane and had to catch a train at the forthcoming point. So their flight journey was over and need to take a train for their next move but had to wait for almost 9 hours meanwhile.

In that event they had decided to take a hotel room for merely 6 hours so as to take rest and get ready for their train journey. Accordingly they stayed for 6 hours but had to pay for 24-hours. At that point of time, they understood the urge for such hourly hotel rooms at critical times. And then they had determined to make something because they didn’t want anyone to suffer as they suffered. And this timely thought had led to the creation of the website Chatur Musafir (the SMART Traveller) based on the scheme of Microstays.

Watch the Teaser of Chatur Musafir:

So far Chatur Musafir website is hitting the spot with 14000 bookings all over India. This shows how much worthy this website is, to the customers. Hotels aroundyou, 6 hourly and few more websites are also getting people’s attention. We hope this website is much useful to those who make long journeys, tourists, participants in sports & games and for those who attend for interviews and exams. Recently the hi-fi hotels like Park group of hotels and Marriott group of hotels has also started granting Microstays. Along with the major cities, this popular website has also been working in tourism spots like Amritsar, Shirdi, Kochi, Jaipur and 20 other places. So hereafter pay hourly rent for rooms or 7 star hotel, 5 star hotel and start enjoying the services of Chatur Musafir.

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