Are Black Holes the key to Time Travel ?

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No body would say no, if given a chance to travel back or forth in time. Would you? One of the ultimate questions in science till date, unsolved, is the Time Travel. We have so many Sci-Fi movies and fantasy novels which brought the time travel close to the general public.

But is Time Travel a real feat to accomplish? Can we meet our loved ones or future generations, right in this moment?

Science, right from the beginning is trying to find answers for all the questions. Sometimes, it does find the answers and changed the world as we know it now. And rest of the time, it just found Black Holes!

Mankind began as Apes on this earth and reached moon. It took time. 6.2 Million years. But we paced up recently. Everything is growing fast and today, we have pictures of galaxies, nebulae, Earth 2.0, Water on Mars and the celestial Black Holes. Know 10 Facts about India’s GPS NavIC.

Out of all these discoveries, Black Holes gained a whole lot of importance because of their features like huge mass, extreme gravitational pull and high density. The existence of Black Holes was first predicted in the relativity theory by Albert Einstein in 1916. Later in 1967, John Keller named them as ‘Black holes’ and the first Black hole was discovered in 1971.

Black Holes
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What is a Black Hole?

A black hole is the end product of a large star which is collapsing on itself. As the radius of the star decreases due to collapsing, the gravitational field of it increases. This gravity pulls every thing into it, including light emitted by the star and light from other stars within the reach. Hence a black hole is born.

How are they important in Time Travel?

After Einstein, space and time merged into spacetime, in which space and time are considered just as different dimensions. Every matter has its own wrapped spacetime around it. And every matter is associated with some sort of information. Information requires energy and energy is nothing but mass according to Einstein’s E=mc^2.

So, a person or building or a planet have their own spacetime and information depending on their weight. The heavier the object, the more information it has. On that scale, a big Black Hole would have a mass equal to million suns and that is why they are expected to contain information of almost every answer we are looking for.

Similarly, the oldest Black Holes (the first stars happen to born in universe) would have information on how this universe began in the first place.

Recent Best Movie on Black Holes & Worm Holes & Time Travel: Interstellar

How feasible is it to travel in a Black Hole?

Well, as you know they don’t even leave light which travel at 3 Lakh Kmps, you are relatively nothing to it. The moment you try to look into a black hole, you will fall and fall and fall with the speed of light until you become a stream of particles.

Scientists suggest, if you have decided to suicide then jump in a Super massive Black Hole (because they have lesser gravitational pull at the event horizon than at the centre) in your standing posture, so that your brain survives longer than your legs. See 10 Cool Summer Tips to hit the heat.

And as you reach the speed of light, time becomes slow for you. It will be like you are falling forever. There, on your side, you can witness everything (information) that has fell into the Black Hole before and after you. The Beginning and the End.

Is there no escape?

Apparently, no. But as always, there is this hypothetical escape plan. The point at which a star’s mass is centered is called Singularity. The horizon around this singularity in which gravitational pull is huge, is called event horizon.

Mathematically, it is proved that a black hole spin speed can shrink this event horizon, until it totally disappears. Which means, you will have a black hole, without any gravitational pull around it. This is called Naked Singularity. And guess what, as there is no gravitational sucking, you can travel into the naked singularity and can come out safely.

A real time machine! But all of these are mathematical theories. The reality is out there, unknown and unseen. Do you know ROAM-e Flying Selfie?

But if you think little logically, it might make more sense. The world we see around works in a peculiar way that sometimes it make you to wonder. Like, the revolution of planets around a star and the revolution of sub-atomic particles around a nucleus. From the minuscule to the grandeur.

Coincidence? A better current world scenario: What would we do when we have excess information in our computer? We take a back up in the hard-disk, clear the computer and fill it with new information.

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What if the same is happening out there? What if every information ever created in this universe has a backup somewhere? And what if there are several copies of earth, taken everyday and stored somewhere? Can we call them the Black Holes? May be or may be not. But, if you want to go back in time, you just have to find a way to search those backup archives!

Black Holes & Time Travel
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Facts are more astonishing than fiction!

The flow of time is not constant throughout the universe. It varies according to distribution of massive bodies. And time and gravity are related. The massive a body, the higher the gravity and the slower the time. Albert Einstein originally predicted this effect in his theory of relativity. As black holes are the ultimate gravitational bodies, time near a black hole is drastically slow.

Let us put it in a simpler way. If you go to a black hole on a holiday trip, build a tent, enjoy there for 2 days and return back to earth – you would be in future. More than 250 years of future. The same principle was used in the film Interstellar ‘7 Years per hour here’.

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Are Worm Holes and Black Holes the same?

No. Einstein-Rosen Briges aka Worm Holes are just hypothetical, imaginary shortcuts between two points in universe. They are fictional objects created to facilitate the idea of travelling to other galaxies in less time. Where as Black Holes are real and practical objects of great mass and gravitational pull. We have proves for Black Holes existence. So, do not confuse Worm Holes with Black Holes.

So, the point is…

May be now no body is gonna attempt such a feat to dive into Black Hole. Nor that we have equipment that would support this. But, down the line of 100-150 years, some one would do it. It will become the next level of Extreme sports.

It might get listed in to-do things in life of many people. Just like 20 years ago, no one would know what sky diving is, but today even a public-banker is doing it. The world is changing. And it is changing fast.

Best Novel Written on Black Holes: Chikatlo Suryudu by Yendamuri Veerendranath

Do you Know This?

Carolyn Cascio, a veteran pilot was on a vacation in the Bahamas. One day back in June 1964, she was supposed to flew to Grand Turk Island, the largest of the Turks Islands, and densely populated with lots of houses, hotel resorts, an airport. Cascio reached above Grand Turk and she was searching for the airport to land.

Shockingly, she couldn’t see anything on the island while the people below on the island including airport staff could see the plane from below. She radioed that the island looks like Turk Island but it is empty. It had nothing but woods and beaches on it. The airport staff were sending back signals for her to land, but she didn’t.

She radioed that she could not find the airport, even though she was flying directly over it. She circled over a dozen times, for 30 minutes, conversing with a fellow passenger in the plane, that they might be lost. All this was recorded in the airport and general public are watching the plan circling above.

She finally said she will fly back to Nassau, the way she had come and turned her plane around and flew off into a bank of clouds. But neither she, nor her passenger, nor her plane came out of those clouds. The above story is true. Many believe or have a hypothesis that there is a worm hole on Bermuda Triangle!

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