Top Interview Questions and Answers for Job Seekers

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Got an interview to crack? No matter what, you will always have that little tense dangling around your mind. Equally for both freshers and experienced people. Believe it or not, it’s completely natural phenomena. Nothing to panic about the panic you are experiencing at the moment. Any company (90% of them) will look for only one thing in the candidate. Confidence. The only trick is to stay confident. Yeah, we know it’s not that simple. So today, we nailed down a list of top interview questions and answers which might give you a little push.

Knowing questions before the exam is always the best feeling, ain’t it?Before we jump to the Q&A session, let’s keep some basic things in mind.

Confidence. It’s just an interview. They have a vacancy, you need a job. If you don’t fit they won’t take you. It’s totally fair and there is nothing to worry about this. You will fit for some other job for sure. So, go prepared for the worst and you will see the best results.

Research. You are about to join a company. So, it’s your basic responsibility to know about it. Do your homework and research on the company thoroughly. Don’t make it look like a money hunt but portray a little concern towards the company and it’s values.

Presentation. It works only in movies like ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ where you go with vests and a jacket and you still get the job, because the director of the film says to do so. But in reality, if you cannot present yourself professionally,  for whatsoever reasons, you will lose the impression in their minds. They would no more even care whether you are answering or not. So, suit up and present yourself appropriately. Remember it’s their company, not yours.

Communication. The unspoken test from the beginning till the end. If you can master the art of verbal and non-verbal communication, you can master almost anything. Now enough of this IT drama, let’s go to the ‘imp’ questions!

Top Interview Questions and Answers:

Tell Me About Yourself ?

The basic question any interviewer would ask the interviewee. You may think this is just an introductory question they ask to know about you. So, if you go unprepared you would be cornered. Always remember, interviews are such situations where even if you know everything about everything, you would stumble because of that slightest hesitant fear to answer.

Hence we suggest you to prepare at least 10 lines about yourself starting from your name and details to education, interests and habits. Keep a flow, so that you wouldn’t forget. But make sure you don’t sound like you by-hearted about yourself. That won’t leave a good first impression. Keep it simple and clear.

What Are Your Strengths ?

Of course, if they are hiring you, they want to know what you are good at. At least any traits related to the job requirements. Be confident and tell them what you are good at. It can be anything from technical abilities like software tools, technologies, designs or it can be soft skills like good communication skills, quick grasping power, ability to convince people, team work etc.

If you want to impress a little more, you can use lines like: “I’m a hard worker” or  “Good at finishing work before deadlines”. It would be much more fruitful if you can correlate your strengths with requirements of the job you are applying for.

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What Are Your Weaknesses ?

Relax; they didn’t say “You are not fit for the job!” They now want to test your genuineness whether you would accept any weaknesses or you would simply say “I don’t have any”. Do not say that. Because everyone knows that everyone has his/her own weaknesses. The best thing here is to simply accept it. Like, “I get upset if something goes wrong at work”. Now, this here is a clever way of putting your weaknesses. This will convey to them that you will get upset at things but also that you are concerned about the work you do. So, frame your answers in such a way they don’t tamper your job requirements.

Why Should We Hire You ?

This one, is one of the most common interview questions ever asked. A scary and haunting question it is. We can even call it a hypothetical question because no one can ever answer this straight to the point. And that’s how it should be dealt too. You shouldn’t give any obvious answers like ‘because I need a job and you need a guy’ on the face of the interviewer. If you do so, you will lose the game (90%). It might work in TV commercials but not in real life. So, what should you do? Don’t lose the grin. The best possible answer would be something like:

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Fresher: “Since I’m a fresher, I’m open to any kind of knowledge or work experience. I’m a quick learner and I always had a gist for exploring new things. I would strive to contribute for the organizational success including mine. But to do so, I need a good platform to begin with and I know this company is the best place for beginners like me. I will prove my caliber if given an opportunity”

Experienced: “Because I possess all the skills required for this job position. And I’m experienced personnel in that specific technology/field. I’m a team player and have a handful experience of maintaining good rapport with clients. So, I’m a fair option for the job, relatively”

Top Interview Questions and Answers

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years ?

Any company would want to know how loyal you would be. Usually, they prefer long term employees and 3-5 years is minimum long term in companies’ standards. So, they would ask how long you are willing to work with them through an indirect question like above. They also want to know how quick you would be in raising to higher positions in the company.

Now, if you have decided to stick in the same company for longer, then you can say “I am looking at a better position in your company”. If you have any plans for higher studies, you can say “Pursuing MBA (for example). I’m planning to do higher studies down the line of 3 years”. But, if you are someone who is planning to switch now and then, better don’t tell them that.

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How Much Salary Are You Expecting from us ?

Here is the big question you are waiting for. If you are a fresher, you would already know what you are gonna get long before this interview. So, they are never going to ask you such a question. Even if they did, just answer simply by saying “The salary you would offer to any fresher”.

But if you are an experienced guy, this is a great opportunity to make a good deal of money. You can actually negotiate your numbers and make it work for you. Your experience and knowledge will support you to demand more, if you think you deserve more. But do it very professionally. Please remember that you are not bargaining for a fish!

Why Do You Need This Job ?

In other words, why do you want to work with us? We all need a job to earn money and make our living. But we can’t bluntly say that to them because that sounds very unprofessional. May be for you the job is just a monetary aspect. But for the company your job role is like a member of big family. So, they want to see you came to work for that attractive payslip or to work for the well being of the family. Frankly speaking, unless or until you are the CEO of the company you wouldn’t give a damn about it.

But, if you want this job, you have to push yourself a little more towards the family responsibilities. Do your homework about the company before the interview and convey your passion towards the growth of it.  A good answer can be like “Since this job position’s requirements align with my strengths and needs, this is the perfect opportunity for me”.

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What is Your Best Achievement, if any ?

This is just to know how good you are at what you do. If you are a fresher, they wouldn’t be expecting high end application developments or geeky stuff from you. Something as simple as organizing a college cultural event or publishing any technical paper or bagging a best employee award in the past job. But, the question is not as simple as that.

If you say you achieved something, then they would also want to know how you did it. Like a business plan, explain them how you brainstormed the idea, planned, worked, controlled and managed it to become the best achievement till now. This way, it will give them an idea to them that you are an organized person and portrays your passion towards what you do.

Do You have Anything to Ask us ?

Do not say “Nothing Sir”. This is an opportunistic question to stand out from rest of the candidates. Overcome that little fear, keep your hesitations aside and speak your mind out loud. That doesn’t mean to ask questions like “How much my salary would be?” or “Where will I be placed if chosen?” or anything like “Do I have to work late nights?” In short, don’t ask anything in your favour.  Instead, ask questions about the company. About the job and what exactly your work would be.

Ask a big question like “How long have you been working with this company and how is your experience till now?” The interviewer might get shocked with this, but believe us it would boost your confidence levels score in his mind.  Or an enthusiastic question like “Is there anything else I should learn for this particular job?” would surprise the interviewer. But remember, just don’t overdo it.

Final words on Top Interview Questions and Answers:

Make no mistake; these are just most commonly asked job interview questions. It doesn’t mean if you mastered them somehow, you will make it through. Depending upon the job position and requirement, the interviewer may pose a lot more questions to test your technical abilities or past work experience. But technical things are answerable if you are good at technical skills.

Unlike them, HR questions are something always put candidates in tough places to answer. That is why we made this article to familiarize you with that part of an interview. Make good use of it and prepare yourself for the big game. Remember, Confidence!

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