5 Best Music Apps for Android, iOS Devices

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As we always say, Who doesn’t love music? So, today we listed 5 best music apps for you to enjoy great music all the time. Read the article and decide which app to download for your smartphone.

We now don’t even have time to sit and copy music files from computer to smartphone. Life has become so busy and rush. But, Music is a necessity in all this chaos. That is why, lot of music apps come into existence daily, to make enjoying music a lot better and easy. Below are the Free Music Apps for andorid and iOS. (In App Purchases might exist)


Once we had FM Radio. Now, its iHeartRadio. It is the most advanced and popular free internet radio app in which you can listen to a variety of stations based on your individual tastes. It also covers podcasts, talk radio, and comedy shows, news and sports. iHeartRadio has got a modern, Material Design UI and is compatible with almost all devices. Best thing is No Ads in between. What a relief!

Download iHeartRadio App for Android

Best Music Apps

Download iHeartRadio App for iOS

With iHeartRadio app, you can easily tune into any radio station nearby and create your own music stations based on your favorite songs. You can also do a category search like Old Hits, Classical, Rock, Melodies and more to find the music you’ll like the most. The app also displays lyrics and other song details while you were listening. iHeartRadio Official Website

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the Best Music Apps available now. It’s a simple and clean music app. You can upload songs to Google account up to  50,000 songs and then can access them later through app. So, you can have a never-ending playlist ready for your next travel trip.

Download Google Play Music App for Android

Best Music Apps

Google Play Music App for iOS Free Download

You can listen music according to your mood, activity or liking in the radio section. Good music suggestion from experts everyday. If you want more from the Google Play Music app, you can get an all access pass by paying monthly fee. With this, you can discover and save new music to your account over a period of one month. Google Play Music works in a browser too. Google Play Music App even has a family subscription plan for 6 members at some good discount.


Spotify is an awesome music app that lets you follow music artists and sync music from your desktop. Similar to iHeartRadio, you can create a radio station so that Spotify will play music according to your personal interest. Recently, it occupied the first place in World’s Best Music Apps by replacing Pandora App.

Download Spotify Music App for Android

Best Music Apps

Download Spotify Music App for iOS 

You can even find music by viewing top lists and new releases. Search for playlists and your favorite artists and albums. You can add your favorite songs to Spotify music library which you can play later. The app also notifies when a new album has been released or whenever a playlist got updated. Spotify App also has a premium account subscription which is an ad-free, music downloadable service.


Wynk is the latest sensation in music apps. Launched by Airtel, it immediately grabbed attention all over, thanks to Airtel’s customer base. Wynk’s best thing is the playlists and songs you see on home screen. They are all selected by music experts and suggested to us. It has the best UI with a great look and some minor glitches here and there. You can listen and even download the songs for free at any time. The only catch here is you can listen those saved songs only in the app.

Download Wynk App for Android

Best Music Apps

Download Wynk App for iOS

Wynk App covers Bollywood music, International songs and classic rock music and much more. Airtel announced that Wynk’s music is completely ad-free. The free version can stream only 100 songs per month. If you need more:

  • On iOS, Rs. 60 per month for unlimited streaming and downloads
  • On Android, Rs. 99 per month for unlimited streaming and downloads
  • A special Rs. 129 per month subscription only on Android for unlimited streaming and downloads with no data charges for first 500 songs


Hungama is another best music apps with free & unlimited access to music and music videos from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi & many other Indian languages. Plug in to the sound of music & entertainment unlimited – wherever, whenever. Hungama Music App has over 3.5 million songs & music videos. From the hottest Hindi songs and the coolest Regional hits to latest English songs. The Zero-Buffering service lets you enjoy non-stop music at all times. Find music that matches your mood with our Discovery Feature. You can also play the songs on your phone using the ‘On Device’ feature.

Download Hungama App for Android

Best Music Apps

Download Hungama Music App for iOS

Just like all other apps, Hungama also offers Ad-free streaming service at a subscription price. You can also earn points by Watching videos, play or share songs, invite friends, create playlists – which you can later redeem for free music, movie tickets and discount vouchers. The app supports 5 different languages.

Conclusion on Best Music Apps:

So, guys these are the best music apps worldwide to listen good music anytime, anywhere. We suggest you try all of them and then keep one of them that suited your taste of music most. Share this music apps article with your friends and help them find good music. Please let us know your thoughts in comments.

Update (14-Nov-16) : As suggested by one of our readers.

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Download Jio Music Apk for iOS

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