Top 10 Hollywood Best Movies with Unbelievable Story Lines

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10 Best Hollywood Movies: Films contribute to a large chunk of entertainment in our lives. Indeed to some extent, they are also responsible for the changes that happen and happening in our day-to-day lives. Call it fashion, social-messages, mannerisms, inspirations, illusions, we take them from them. To some, they are just a way to pass time. To some they are necessary entertainment.

So, whatever it is, everybody loves watching films. And as time passed by, they began to rot. We all are from a generation which hates those rotting conventional cinema. The same actors, same stories, repeated masala – all of this has made us sick enough to seek something new. And just as we wish, some great person would make a great movie for us to survive in this barren land.

Today we are going to list such  Best Hollywood movies which are not just unconventional but also highly unusual. Because a movie with a good story is also something every one would easily admire. But a movie with Unbelievable Story line would make audience think and question their own existence.

“What Shit! Is this really possible?” is the first reaction you would get if you see these films. They might be from wide range of directors, actors and from different time periods. But all these have one common factor in them: The What If? question factor. For starters, something like What if the Sun rises in the west? So, all these movies are a result of such cross questions. Check them out!

Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies you must Watch

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Story Line: What if your whole life cycle is reversed? (Born as Old Man and Die as a Baby!)

Benjamin is born to a successful button-making business man. But the father abandons him as he is born with an abnormality: reverse aging. He then grows at a nursing home where he meets Daisy. Physically Benjamin is 80 yrs and Daisy is 8 years old. They get attracted to each other. And because of their physical differences and societal controversies, they get separated. This falling in and out of love goes on till Benjamin physically is 8 yrs and Daisy is 80 yrs old.

And one fine day, 80 yrs old ‘Baby’ Benjamin dies in Daisy’s hands. This David Fincher‘s over and above imaginative story is a roller coaster ride of events in a person’s life. Something like Forrest Gump, but with a darker tone! In the first place, Brad Pitt’s acting, his make up, cinematography, the connecting-dots between Benjamin life and real-life events (like WWII) will take you somewhere far from here where love doesn’t care at all about age!

2. Inception

Story Line: What if you can extract and plant ideas in others minds while dreaming? (Nightmarish!)

“An idea. Resilient. Highly Contagious”.  Cobb is a specialist in extracting ideas by invading people’s minds while they are dreaming. As if this is not difficult, he will be given a harder task – to plant an idea in the mind of a big going-to-be tycoon. Cobb agrees to the task as in return he can freely go back to his kids in America (Yeah, he fled from there because he killed his wife with inception).

So, he brings in a team of 5 members and digs 4 levels deep of dreams and successfully plants the idea – to throw away his fathers inheritance – in the subject’s mind. So he comes back to America as was promised and meets his kids finally. But, wait. Are you watching Closely?

Especially this Christopher Nolan 2010 film is one of the mind-bending best Hollywood movies ever made. So finally, Nolan who is known for his art of fcuking audience brains has reached another level in that art with Inception. Moreover, the film concentrates on dream psychology and subconscious mode of brain while dreaming.  Nothing is safe in this world anymore! Inception is one of the best Hollywood movies in the arena of fantasy films.

“Downwards is the only way Forwards” – Cobb, Inception

3. 2001 A Space Odyssey

Story Line: What if an alien civilization is closely watching us for millions of years?

Its very very rare to find Best Hollywood movies buff who hasn’t seen this Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. Kubrick is called the director of the century not for nothing. Because you wouldn’t believe your eyes and mind if we tell you this film is made in 1968 (the first moon landing took place in 1969). Especially, the story written by Clarke, the imagination Kubrick had, the making of the film, the VFX (remember its 1968) each and everything about this film is mind blowing.

And the story goes like some million years ago, an alien civilization of some sort is closely watching the planet Earth. With their advanced tech, they send a surveillance machine (the black monolith) to Earth to observe our civilization. Back then, the mankind was at it initial stage and so the machine leaves. And once again in 2001, the same black monolith appears on moon. Furthermore, the humans go to the moon and the machine disappears again thinking humans aren’t ready yet for the ‘big thing’.

Later in much future, humans are highly advanced that they are travelling to Jupiter accompanied by high end Artificial Intelligence computer HAL 9000. Finally, after a series of events, the black monolith appears once again and takes one of the astronauts into far reaches of universe where he witnesses the wonders of the universe and the very existence of human life.

4. The Shawshank Redemption

Story Line: What if  a man scratches a wall for 20 years ? (That’s a silly way of putting it)

A banker called Andy Dufresne is judged guilty for murdering his wife and her lover (marital affair). He is sentenced two life sentences to serve in jail for killing two people. Andy meets Red and they both become friends. With Red’s help, Andy gets big posters and a stone hammer. Everyday he digs the wall to some extent and throws the dust away in the lawn. He does this everyday till 20 years. Along with it, he becomes victim of gay sex, he becomes personal financial adviser to the Jail Warden and also builds a library  where he teaches youngsters.

He also comes to know who murdered his wife and her lover but the jailer doesn’t allow him to appeal for it. So, after 20  years, one rainy day, Andy escapes through the hole he dug in the wall. He transfers all the black money of Jail Warden into his account. After some time, Red meets Andy at Bahamas and they together lead sailor’s lives. This 1994 film rated 9.3 till date, and still in first place of 250 best Hollywood movies of all time.

“Salvation lies within” – Norton, Shawshank Redemption

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5. H E R

Story Line: What if  you fall in love with an OS ? (Yeah an  Operating System)

In some distant future, a guy called Theodre buys a new Operating System. And this is an artificially intellectual OS designed for companionship. Theodre is a divorcee who is little bad at dealing relationships. He initially finds Samantha (OS) funny and thoroughly helpful in his everyday activities. But gradually he falls in love with her (it).

Written and directed by Spike Jonze, who should receive a big applause for pulling off a story like this into mainstream film. Even though the film is about a far-beyond-future script, the whole film looks as if its today’s world. Especially the beautiful cinematography and the wonderful screenplay add much more feel to this hypothetical concept. Further the film grossed an Oscar for Best Hollywood Movies Screenplay.

6. Lucy

Story Line: What if you can use your brain to 100% (Currently we use just 10%)

A young girl named Lucy is accidentally gets involved in a drug deal. And the dealers put a packet of powerful drugs in her belly and orders her to deliver it to someone. During the transit, some other dealers catch her and beat her to death. In this process the drug packet in her stomach gets burst and the drugs leak directly into her body. This turns her into a strong, hyper-logical hypothetical creature. She will get access to almost everything that ever existed in the universe.

Later she takes help of professor Norman to put an end to herself and becomes a part of matter. She is everywhere (God!). She transfers all the knowledge she acquired from the beginning till the end of time and universe, into a pen drive and gives it to Norman for good use. Scarlett Johnson has proved that she is not just a charmer but a brilliant actress too. Not to mention Morgan Freeman is there too in the film.

7. Mr.Nobody

Story Line: What if one person gets chance to live three different lives in one lifetime?

Nemo is a boy born to a middle-class couple who are on the verge of separation. In his childhood, he is attracted to three girls from his school. On the other side when his parents get divorced, Nemo has to choose whom to stay with: Mother or Father ? His life will be totally dependent on his choice. From this point, Nemo’s life splits into three different lives, each with the three girls. The aftermath of each life is a bliss to watch in the film. And in the end, when Nemo gets a chance to choose, he just runs away!

This movie can be called one of the best Hollywood movies ever made in the history of cinema. A 2 1/2 hour movie to encompass almost every genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Taboos, Drama is a remarkable feat and they did it. Moreover the movie is mostly based on The Butterfly Effect and questions a lot more about ‘how can we know which path of life is correct to choose?’.  Also A big credit to Jaco Van Dormael for his direction and vision and Jared Leto for his variant performances.

“My name is Mr. Nobody. A man who doesn’t exist!” – Nemo, Mr.Nobody

8. Dallas Buyers Club

Story Line: What if an AIDS patient turns AIDS Diagnosis into Dallas’ biggest business?

Ron Woodroof, a small time hustler who lives carefree is suddenly stuck with AIDS. Because he is tested  positive and has only 30 more days to live. But he comes to know that experimental medication is available (unapproved) and wants to try them. And then he tries and see better results and he lives longer. Sooner, he turns these unapproved drugs intake into a business web.

He starts a club for AIDS patients who have lost hope on life and gives them the smuggled unapproved medicines. The club grows and gains the name Dallas Buyers Club. But later he gets into lot of troubles as he was dealing with unapproved drugs. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto’s brilliant performances makes you laugh and cry at times in this real-story based film.

9. Predestination

Story Line: What if  you are your mother, father, lover, child ? (Are you Crazy?)

A time-travelling agent travels into past to stop a bomb explosion. But he fails and the explosion leaves his face deformed. And then after several surgeries his appears a totally different guy. He moves to NY and becomes a bartender. There he meets John (actually Jane), who is a trans-gender (female to male). John(Jane) explains that once she was an orphan witty girl who got selected for some elite corporation. Later she fell in love with a guy, who impregnates her (typical guy!) and abandons her. Because of her pregnancy, she is disqualified for the job.

Adding to the mental pain, her genital complication leads to changing her gender after the birth to a baby girl. Now, adding to this physical pain, the baby girl is found missing from the hospital. So John(Jane turned John) keeps writing confession articles under the name “The Unmarried Mother”. And meanwhile he gets the job opportunity back from the elite corporation but for a different job. The time-travelling agent job. Wait! What? Are they both the same person? NO. Not both of them. All of them are same single person. The time-travelling agent, John, Jane, the baby girl. A Predestination Paradox. It’s ok. And it will take some time to settle in. Don’t worry.

“You always have a choice” – Bartender, Predestination

10. The Man from Earth

Story Line: What if a man lives for 14000 years ? (WTF!)

John is a college professor who is shifting to another town. And his colleagues comes to his place as a farewell send off and asks him thoroughly why he is leaving. John initially holds it back but later reveals that he is 14000 years old. And he usually shifts his place every 1o years (just like a nomad). After stopping laughing for long, the colleagues starts questioning him. These were some ground breaking questions related to biology, religion, conscience, essence of life, mortality.

John answers every question as if he has prepared last night for an exam. As a matter of fact, the beauty of the film is the whole movie takes place in one single room. Its just Q&A session between professors in John’s place. This is again one of the best Hollywood movies ever made. The director choose imaginative grandeur of the audience mind rather than showing visual grandeur on screen. So Watch it and please don’t expect you to be like John.Grea

End Titles on The 10 Best Hollywood Movies:

Well, you must have covered most of the films already if you are a movie buff. But, if you haven’t  then start watching them one by one. And then experience the most brilliant and imaginative movies that were ever made in Hollywood cinema. This list is purely based on our (people at FEAST) cinematic knowledge, liking and experience. If you think any other good flicks are missed out in this list, don’t be shy to mention in the comments!

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