The 10 Best Android apps of 2016

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To begin with, we assure you are at the right place if you are searching for the best Android apps of 2016. And of course the Best Android apps of all the time. It is clear-cut that Android is the leading market share holder in the thick of its competitors Windows, iOS, Blackberry and so forth. More than 80% of the total smartphone users are using android OS.

The reason is its unmatchable specs with reasonable price that fits for everyone. This is the premier point why many of us choose to use an Android Smartphone. Admit? Users get something beyond their predictions on the Android platform. Because it is a user-friendly software and unique in its own caliber than iOS and Windows.

Dominant Android smartphone makers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Gionee, Xiaomi and the rest are devising their gadgets with features that we cannot spot in iOS devices and others. For instance iphones lack MicroSD card/slot. And its battery cannot be removed and won’t let you make some alterations.

All these things will make you buy a lovely Android handset. And then you will eventually start using it installiing some basic apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SHAREit etc.. But still, you may feel a sort of incompleteness that your phone lacks something and has to be filled up with something. Hence in this article, we sorted out 10 Best Android Apps from a cluster of apps in Google’s play store. We hope that something can be full-filled by installing the following Best Android apps.

Start exploring it!

Go around The 10 Best Android apps of 2016:

1.Swiftkey:swiftkey_android app

Smartphones are made so as to make everything easy and convenient in our life. Today we are so hooked up with chatting in Facebook, Whatsapp etc.. When it comes to chatting, keyboard is major to present your lovely thoughts that come in your mind. So now tell us, how impressive is your keyboard?

android app_swiftkey


Swiftkey is one of the Best Android apps in Google play store. As of now upgrade your keyboard with Swiftkey for free. Because it is a high-class Keyboard app for faster, easier and effective typing in Android Smartphones. The computing of the Swiftkey keyboard is ingeniously sensible that grants typing flexibility to the users.

This app features the concept of swiping akin iOS 8. It enables faster typing than the regular keyboard your smartphone has. Swiftkey brings freshness in your writing style. Further Auto-correction of spellings is feasible with swiftkey if you types anything wrong. So you can have an amazing typing experience through swipe-to-type in swiftkey. Besides themes, designs and multi-colours(80+) are also featured in Swiftkey. Thousands of emoji (smileys,…) are accessible to express your emotions in Swiftkey, supporting 100+ languages.

There are more than 250 million people who have been using swiftkey and benefiting a lot from it.  Download one of the best android apps Swiftkey for typing. Install and be the best. Scroll down to get more Best Android Apps.


Feedly is one of the best android apps because it can readily explore hot & popular topics on the Internet. It is an exclusive platform where you can discover all the news from top rated websites & blogs.

You can learn about Technology, marketing, business, studies, and many other interesting articles. You need not waste your time referring each and every site individually for searching good content on the internet. Download and install Feedly now because reading articles is much easier and convenient with it. It is the best choice for you if you regularly read news in blog posts or any other websites.

Feedly_android app


Feedly app loads the content faster. It lets you discover your favourite and popular topics leaving you with pleasant reading experience. Moreover Feedly is unified with Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. So you can share your favourite stories and the stories you read in Feedly with your friends, family members and teammates.

Download and install the latest version of Feedly to your devices. Start adding your favourite blog sites and youtube channels to feedly. Hope your brain will be feeded with good stuff through Feedly taking you apart from the world while reading.

“Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it – P.J. O’Rourke”

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Many of us are exceptionally fascinated about shooting selfies because we are addicted much to it. Uploading it in facebook and getting likes are the craziest things these days. For suppose, you have taken a selfie and wanted to upload it. You will make small changes even though it looks perfect. Isn’t it? And of course, Editing an image makes it look more perfect. How good are you in editing your photo?

If you feel bit difficult in using photoshop or any other editing tool, you must try using AirBrush – The Best photo editor designed and developed exclusively for selfies. We have spent a lot of time for presenting AirBrush to you guys, from a catalogue of best android apps for editing.



The app comes with simple features and quite easy to use. It gives you the utmost photo editing experience ever you have. The best thing about AirBrush is its special editing tool for Quality Retouch. With this, your photo gets good impression and looks perfectly natural.

It lets pimples and other redundant marks on your face dissappear with its Blemish remover. You can simply swipe on the image a couple of times if you want to increase/decrease a particular area of your photo. Resize and reshape is also granted with this app. AirBrush makes others love your smile for the editing tool even has Teeth Whitening ability.

While taking photos, you have nothing to worry about outdoor light. Because AirBrush uses Smooth function to bring about perfect glowing texture to your image. AirBrush is the first-class android app for editing photos in the market. Download AirBrush now, one of the Best Android Apps in the arena of Editing.

The 10 Best Android apps of 2016:


Losing a phone is intolerable and we can’t digest it anymore. Because we will lose all important and personal files like images, docs, videos, contacts, passwords etc. In such situations Dropbox, probably one of the best Android apps of 2016 will help you to backup all your files effectively faster. So you can access your files from anywhere, any device through Dropbox  even if you lost your mobile. Dropbox has been in the roll of the Best Android Apps for cloud storage for many years straightaway.



It lets you to create an online cloud storage account that keeps all your data safely. Later you can access your files whenever you need it. You can simply start your account with 2 GB storage capacity and can expand it up to 16 GB later for free.

Using Dropbox is more flexible and will give you high-end user experience with its amazing, fast and smart backup features. Sharing files is also possible and you can send files to those who don’t have a Dropbox ( or any online storage account) also. Dropbox is designed to intake lots of your data. You have nothing to worry about the privacy of your files as no one can access without your login credentials. Dropbox is the most safe and secure place to keep your data and to access it when you most need it.

Dropbox will never let your files go off in any case. Download the latest version of Dropbox. Install and start enjoying Dropbox, one of the best android apps for Android phones or tablets.


You must create a new, strong and unique password while creating any online account, right? You will be asked to make a matchless password with the combination of letters (uppercase & lowercase), numbers and symbols like !, @, #, etc.. Eventually you must be having dozens. Recollecting and typing those passwords for every undergo is some what difficult and time consuming too. Isn’t it?



LastPass is one of the best Android apps we could offer you to create and keep new passwords safe. It’s an Android Application devised to yield intact protection for all your passwords and personal info like photos, notes, etc.. You need not go on typing passwords for logins. Because Lastpass can revive and autofill it in the browser whenever you are about to login.

LastPass security challenges to test the strength of your passwords through its unique Auditing system. And thereby it produces new & strong passwords so as to replace weaker ones. You need to be sure about only one password that is assigned for LastPass and leave the rest to LastPass. All your personal memo and login passwords will be secretly kept and locked so that no one can access without your knowledge.

LastPass is chosen as one of the best android apps of 2016. You can save not only your passwords, but also credit cards, debit cards, photos, health insurance and more in the form of private notes and audio notes in LastPass.

Download and install LastPass Password Manager now. Get complete protection for your passwords and secret info for free. Instantly Creating, Saving and Autofilling the passwords is now granted with LastPass, one of the Best android apps. Don’t miss it.


Your thoughts are more precious because a single good thought can change your life. Evernote says to write such thoughts as Notes and to-do lists to stay organized in your life. Download Evernote, one of the best Android apps is powered with multi tools that enables you to capture your thoughts, write and save it as notes, to-do lists and checklists. You can take it as a digital Diary/Notebook to present your timely thoughts as text, images, audio/video, PDFs and more.

Evernote                                                                        Image Credits: Google

It is a platform to get your work/job done effectively as you could share, review and conspire your ideas with other users too. It’s no longer irksome even if you are hooked up with a team for some particular project in your office. All your teammates could impressively share, discuss and work in a single document in Evernote.

You can also make private checklists, fix remainders, plan for holidays and parties in your routine life through Evernote. This app is greatly useful in the wings of Education and Business. A scholar can use it to take lecture notes, pin the articles from net required for their projects, researches and presentations. Further an entrepreneur can plan schedules, presentations, write records, share ideas with workmates to get work done faster and easier. All these amazing features have made Evernote to rank as one of the best apps for Android in 2016.

Get your work done easily and stay organized in your life with Evernote. Download the latest version of Evernote.

7.YouTube Music:YouTube Music

Listening to music makes you come out of tensions, stress, and makes you mentally perfect. Because it activates your brain cells and improves nervous as well as immune system. And that’s where YouTube Music comes into play to refresh you with its flawless infinite Music colletion all around the world. It is a YouTube made only for Music where you can listen/watch tremendous cluster of tunes from the internet.

YouTube Music_ Best Android apps


It’s a Music explorer that discovers any top & latest videos, full albums, new MP3/MP4 songs, old & new hits, authentic music videos, classic recordings, live recordings, rockfest flicks and more. With YouTube Music app, you can enjoy watching and listening all the new releases. It also gives you quick updates of pop albums, all styles of songs from Bollywood and Tollywood. Through YouTube Red Android membership, you can watch ad-free videos and enjoy listening to music offline.The highlight of this app is that the video need not be loaded to listen to the audio. The app is uniquely designed for you to listen in Audio mode even if the video doesn’t load.

We all love Music and it would be an 8th wonder if there lives someone who doesn’t like it. Nothing can stop you from enjoying endless raps in YouTube Music Android app. Don’t miss the Celebration of Music. Download it now!

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The 10 Best Android apps of 2016:

8.HERE Maps:HERE Maps

We will never want to miss the lovely feel of enjoying feast in a classy restaurant, strolling in centrals & shopping malls, watching 3D movies in Big Screens and more. You will enjoy the best, when you have a best route locator. As of now get more entertainment with HERE Maps experiencing the best location discovery. It is the Best Offline Navigation app that guides you to reach your destination faster and easier.

HERE Mapps_ Best android apps


It lets you drive confidently because you can enjoy turn-by-turn voice guidance. Searching places through GPS without any internet connection is the highlight of HERE Maps. For suppose, you may be somewhere else on your bike, bus, train or any other public transport. You don’t know where you are. Don’t nag. HERE Maps app has a catalog of all the public transit routes of more than 900 major cities all around the world. It leads you to reach your desired point successfully. It also lets you find the perfect shortcuts to reach your destination conveniently faster.

HERE Maps also grants you traffic information for over 40 countries in real-time. Thus you will be updated with the live information about road conditions and breakdowns or failures ahead. It helps you in finding the nearby restaurants, shopping malls, ATM centers, parking areas, clinic centres and more.

So what are you waiting for? Travel anytime, anywhere fearlessly with HERE Maps. Download the latest version of HERE Maps 2016.


9.DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge:DU Battery saver app

We daily use our mobiles more than any electronic product in the world. We take food merely 3 times a day and will turn power less if we work continuously for 2 hrs. Then think, how much power your phone battery dissipates and check how good is your phone battery life. If you are not pleased with your device battery back up, choose DU Battery Saver & Fast Charging app, the best ever battery care taker.

DU battery Saver app


DU Battery Saver is the most demanding app for Android phones developed to fix battery issues. It can enhance your battery life 50% more than that of regular batteries. It’s high compatible modes like pre-set battery potential management and one-touch control enables it to quickly find and resolve battery power exhaustion issues. DU Battery Saver acts as your mobile cooler that brings down your mobile temperature by organizing all the apps. Thereby it ensures safety to your hardware even that extends the span of your phone battery.

DU Battery Saver is like your battery auditor that will let you know about the apps consuming power even when not in use. DU Battery Saver is a charging booster that could quickly charge your phone when you most need it. Always charge your battery when it is below 20%. Never overcharge your phone battery if you wish to have a great battery backup.

It is probably the best Battery Saver, Monitor and Optimizer. Download the updated version of DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge.

10.360 Security- Antivirus Boost:security app

Are you worrying about your phone’s performance, battery backup or malware and viruses? Then download 360 Security- Antivirus Boost to revive your phone’s overall performance and get complete protection from virus. 360 Security is the best app recommended for you to get the best user experience with its high-end features. It will make your phone work smarter & faster than ever before. Go down to check out its features and download.

360 Security_ Best android apps


360 Security app is a complete defender for your Android device with first-class Antivirus key that naturally scans all the installed apps, new apps, files in your SD card. It stands at its best to secure your device from malware, viruses, coercions and any other softwares that corrupts your data. It is an efficient cleaner that removes unwanted setup files, junk files and application caches. Therefore it makes more storage space available to you.

It is also ingenious in saving your battery as it disable the apps that consume more power. It frees your RAM with a single tap when you need it the most. Besides it is yet effective in organizing all the background apps and scanning all your device’s APK files granting real time protection. It is further an app locker that privately keeps all your important documents, images, messages, apps and more.

Make your phone free from malwares with 360 Security app, the best Antivirus for Android phones. Download the latest version of 360 Security- Antivirus Boost and get the best out of it.

Try them and let us know your experience.

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