Bahubali 2 VR Film – SS Rajamouli at Cannes’16

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Bahubali 2, The epic Conclusion of Bahubali The Beginning is going to be released in April 2017. The release date has also been confirmed by the team recently as April 14th, 2017. As we have seen the huge hype of Bahubali, we expect the same for The Conclusion.

And most importantly to know the answer for the world-wide question: WKKB – Why the hell Kattappa Killed Bahubali? Unfortunately, we have to wait another year to know the answer. And to know the fortunate part, read the article.

Bahubali 2

Cannes’16 Festival:

Cannes Film Festival, the annual international film festival held in Cannes, France is currently celebrating its 69th festival from May 11th to 22nd. This prestigious festival hosts the premieres of upcoming films, short films, documentaries from all around the world. Every year, both the veteran and novice artists attend, if only they get a invitation in the first place.

And this year, our own Anurag Kashyap and Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s Raman Raghav 2.0 is premiered under Director’s Fortnight section. So, what does Bahubali have to do with all of this? Well, even SS Rajamouli appeared in this Cannes’16 Festival (not to premiere it). He exhibited his larger than life plans to surprise the fans of Bahubali even before Bahubali 2’s release.

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When asked by the film critic Anupama Chopra from FilmCompanion, Rajamouli revealed his imagination to take Telugu cinema to a whole new next level. Well, he didn’t spilled the answers you were expecting. But he sure mentioned you will find the answer in Bahubali 2.

SS Rajamouli at Cannes’16

Before releasing Bahubali 2, the Team is planning to release a prologue in VR Technology. “VR standing for Virtual Reality is a 360 degree experience of viewing a film. A complete immersion which you will not find in conventional theatre screens. You can see the film in front of  you, behind you, above you and below you. And with this film, we are going to be the first ever to use VR Technology to shoot a film, in the whole world, another record to go in the list of Bahubali” said Rajamouli.

When asked how they got this idea in the first place, Rajamouli introduced his cousin Raja who first showed this technology to Rajamouli. They soon studied more deep into it and decided to use that budding technology to bring Telugu Cinema ‘much closer’ to the audience all over.

Watch SS Rajamouli talking about Bahubali 2 VR Film at Cannes’16:

VR Technology takes Bahubali to Next Level

Currently, they are calling this prologue as Bahubali VR Film. It will have the main characters of the film in it. The length could be 5 to 10 mins, as this is probably going to release on Youtube.

And to experience this Bahubali VR Film, you will need a Google Cardboard Smartphone holder. This is a small smartphone holder to watch virtual reality videos. Google on the other hand is promoting this Cardboard made holders in order to make Virtual Reality a reality to general audience.

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And Bahubali choose the perfect technology to immerse its audience into its world.  We all know how much hype Bahubali got when the initial teaser and trailers got released. The visuals with the BGM and the English song. Now re-imagine all of that in Virtual Reality. Whoooahh!

Bahubali 2 in VR

The previous success of Bahubali part 1 (the unexpected 600 crores we are talking about) encouraged Rajamouli big time. They raised the budget to 180 Cr for part 2, extending the release date one more year. Now, they are introducing First VR Film ever shot to Telugu audience. He is going to create a fantastic hype pretty soon.

We seriously don’t know how they are going to make this VR devices available for the audience. Because, just to watch that 10 min video on internet in smartphone, nobody would buy those Cardholders which would cost around 300₹. But, if they figure out some way to do this in larger scale, which Rajamouli is known for, then this is going to be something marvelous in the Telugu and Indian Cinema Industry.

All Hail Bahubali. Tell us how you feel about upcoming Bahubali VR Film in the comments section below. And Stay Tuned at FEAST for more updates on the film.

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