Amazon drives “Amazon Tatkal” to sell online in 60 Minutes

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Hi Guys. So far we know the term Tatkal, through which we book our Train tickets a day prior to our journey. Apart from this, do you have any idea about Amazon Tatkal in India? No, then stick to FEAST for a while to get a clear view of Amazon Tatkal Service.

Amazon Tatkal:

Amazon India, the successful e-commerce firm has initiated Amazon Tatkal. With the motto of helping thousands of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India. This innovation lets all the entrepreneurs of small & medium scale industries to be employed at and helps them to sell their products on the spot in online.

Amazon Tatkal would go across the major cities in the country. It makes SMBs to sell online on within a span of 60 minutes as stated by the company.

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Gopal Pillai, the Director and GM of Seller Services, Amazon India added “Our conversations with hundreds of SMBs reveal that there is a high level of interest to get online and start selling. But they are unable to overcome perception barriers of the process being time consuming and complex.

As a result many interested sellers tend to put off on boarding tasks. As always, we worked backwards from seller needs and conceptualized Amazon Tatkal. We believe this initiative will help sellers to overcome these constraints, get them on board, and start selling on the Amazon platform with speed and ease.”

Amazon Tatkal

Amazon Tatkal is a uniquely devised studio-on-wheels offering a suite of launch services. It includes registration, imaging and cataloging services, as well as basic seller training mechanisms, stated by the company. With this the intended retailers would start selling on Amazon India. And obviously this is an initiation of their online marketing.


“We are very excited to see the high level of interest and enthusiasm from sellers to get online and benefit from the digital economy. A number of sellers on witnessed a growth of 250% (YOY) last year. We believe that initiatives like Amazon Tatkal will help thousands of SMEs in the country to experience the ease and convenience of selling on the marketplace in a matter of 60 minutes,” states Gopal.

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